Friday, November 7, 2008

Gratitude Day 2

IT'S FRIDAY! That is my GRATITUDE today. I love Friday's. I get to sleep in with my kittens and we get up when we just feel like it. I didn't sleep in as late today because I have a big day planned, but it always feel so good to hit the alarm clock, kick Josh out of bed, and then sprawl across the entire bed and cuddle with Missy or Zipper (Pyro won't cuddle; she thinks love is torture!).

I spent some time last night working on our adoption profiles (we are trying to get 3 different sites up for everyone's viewing pleasure and to help us find our child). I've been working on the one for several months now. I just couldn't seem to get the pictures right. But last night I tried something differnet and it worked! That is my second GRATITUDE of the day. I just need to scan one more picture and I think that webpage will be ready for approval from our agency.

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