Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day in the city

I love trips to the city! Yesterday Jessica and I went to the city. Our first stop ended up being our favorite stop of the day. We went to the Robert's Crafts in Sandy because they were having some good sales and make a take projects.

First we made these cute little gifts bags. I was blown away when they told me they cut these out with the Cricut machine! I am going to order this cartridge!

Now I just need to fill it with goodies so I can give it to my nephew. :)

Then we made this little notepads. They were so fun and I wanted to buy the machine, but.....well, I'm still trying to justify it.
I was also able to buy a few cake supplies. I bought a round and a rectangular cake carrier along with some frosting tips and other fun cake things. Next week I want to make a cake for the 4th of July so I also bought some nice round cake pans. I can't wait to make the cake!
Then we headed to The Quilted Bear. I was surprised at check out and how much I spent. I usually spend a lot more.
A fun new key chain. I love the little fish and the cat standing by the milk jug!
A fun magnet that has magnets in all the paws so you can arrange it in different positions.
In the last few months we have decided to no longer hold back all the fun things we want to do because of the what ifs of life. This magnet and the plaque below are perfect!
Jessica found these cute little jars and they were only $2! So we each got one. We made several other stops, including the Olive Garden. I've decided their Alfredo sauce is about as close to heavenly food that you can get. We went to a few more craft stores, including the new Hobby Lobby. Usually we spend more time clothes shopping, but this trip we spent more time at the craft stores.

The other fun thing I bought was a few cat towers, but they can be connected together. The blue hammock on the left side is actually part of the last tower. I only bought one end piece and thought I would use the hammock until I can get another end piece.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy Daisy

One of the little boutique stores in Roosevelt is under new ownership, so they had a sale today. I had a gift certificate from work from Secretary's day and I wanted to use it before they decided they didn't want to honor it.

I loved this picture! I think it will go in our bedroom after we get it painted.

They had some really cute sunflower stuff, including two huge pictures. I really wanted to buy them, but I knew I had no where to hang them in my small kitchen. So instead they gave me a killer deal on these dishes. They aren't quite sunflower, but I still love them. It has 3 large plates, 3 small plates and 3 cups, all for $21.99! I think the old owner had them listed as each set of three for that price so its like I got three sets for the price of one!

I feel in love with this shelf! I think I'll put it on the wall behind my computer, but I haven't decided for sure. I'll post more pictures once it is hung.

Ally's ultrasound

I was so excited for today, I didn't think her appointment at 4:30 would ever come!

Pyro had some more tumors that needed removed so I was actually at the vet twice today. I was there at 8:00 this morning, but when I talked to them about the ultrasound they couldn't do it until this afternoon.

So this afternoon when I went to pick up Pyro, I took Ally. She is my first cat that doesn't enjoy car rides. She sat in my lap the entire way down.

First they had to shave her belly. This was the part that almost made me change my mind. But I think with the hot weather she will actually enjoy having less hair.

Getting started. She really was pretty good. I thought she would be a lot more mean. They ended up needing a guy to run the ultrasound and two guys to hold her legs cause she kept squirming.
This was the first kitten. I even saw a leg move! I think by now the vets had decided I was pretty weird. Well, they probably thought that when I took a picture of her getting her belly shaved. And they probably thought it when I tried to get my camera to record the ultrasound screen (that didn't work, it was all blurry).
This was the next heartbeat I saw. I assumed we were at kitten #2; nope this was kitten #4! I was so proud I saw it that I asked for another picture.
They guessed that Ally will have around 6 kittens, maybe one less, maybe one more. Only two more weeks. I can't wait!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Josh's Day!

For Josh's* Day I got Josh a book, "Fishing Observations of a Reel Man" by John Bytheway and a new headstall/bit/reins/ I really don't know, for his horse. I let him pick this out himself because I had no idea what it was he wanted.
While he was putting it together, someone else decided it was a new plaything for her. She feel asleep while she was playing. She sleeps alot now and I think she is staring to get uncomfortable. She'll sleep in one place for 30 mins. and then move some where else.

Here she is with only 3 weeks left until we expect her to have kittens. Her belly seems to get a little bit bigger each day.
*We don't celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day. Instead we have decided to celebrate Savannah's Day and Josh's Day. We can do that because we love each other so much.

Summer swaperoo

I got my package in the mail from my summer swaperoo partner. I LOVE IT! I've never had head bands like those before, I can't wait to try them out. I'm thinking of getting a new hair cut and I think they will go perfect with it. Thanks Katie!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Operation Organize Kitchen

We have lived in our house for four years now. I love our house, but I have a hateful relationship with our kitchen. For example, it has a dishwasher, but since we are on well water, we don't have enough water pressure and the dishes come out looking worse then when they went in. But that's okay, because I used it for something else that is lacking in my The cupboards are few and the ones we have are small.

About 18 months ago, I feel in love with my mother in-laws new shelf in her kitchen. I saved up my pennies and with some Christmas money, I was able to buy one. But I decided my craft room was more of a disaster zone, so it went in there. (You can see pictures of what a difference it made on THIS POST.) Then Josh's job got real slow and money because something I wasn't willing to spend.

Here is what my kitchen has look like for years now because I've never really had room for anything. All the cupboards didn't close all the way, because they were stuffed as full as they could be.

The corner by the door. Sad, I know.
This is the table. I hear people actually eat off of them.
And my counter top. Usually there isn't that many cereal boxes, but with Josh working far from home, I don't like cooking so cereal has become my new staple food.
Last week I went to Lowe's and bought the shelf I've been dreaming about for over a year now. It was better then Christmas. It opened so many possibilities. Before I knew what I was doing I had emptied one cupboard onto the counter so I could scrub it down and empty a different cupboard into it. I had no idea how much work this shelf would require. I spent my entire day off yesterday reorganizing my cupboard. Guess what? They all shut tightly now! And I have room for when I start cooking again and doing real grocery shopping again!
The funnest part of the day was going through my tupperware containers. I had 35 lids that had now container to go with them. There was 7 containers that didn't have lids. I'm getting rid of the ones I have cussed for years because I don't like how they seal and I can't wait to get new ones.
Here's the after pictures. I'm so in love with my kitchen.
Another change I made was I put the cat food on a little rug. Zipper thinks the only way to eat is to grab a mouth full of food, drop it on the floor, and then eat half of what he drops. Ally chases the other half around and I end up stepping on little bits of kitty food. This has been so much better.
Our next home project is we are going to finally start painting inside the house. Hopefully we'll start that next week. Wish me luck because I will be doing most of it myself. We've decided on white walls, white doors and black trim.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a box?

Can you find the one thing that is different between the above picture and this picture? Look closely.
Look right in the center of the box and you can see the tip of tail. Its not just a box. Its hours worth of entertainment for our growing Ally.
In our house, its not about learning to dance in the rain. Its about learning to enjoy a box to its fullest potential.

Because he loves me

My husband is the greatest. I can do anything with him by my side. He is my strength and my everything. I would be lost without him.

I love you babe.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden kits

The latest kits I got from the Idea Closet were garden themed. As always, I liked her paper, but since I seem to collect Close to My Heart paper packs, but then never use them, I decided to use my paper instead of hers. I LOVE how they turned out.
Since I like making these kits so much and they are so affordable, I decided to do some extras this time to use as presents. It has been so hard trying to decide which ones to keep for myself.
I don't have a lot of room in my house to display items, but now that I am making all these kits, I needed somewhere to show them off. This week I bought a shelf at Lowe's. Now I can keep my favorite ones up all year on the shelf and then below it is the piano where I can change them out for the season. I've already ordered some summer and 4th of July kits. I can't wait to get them!

Kittens on a rainy day and an announcement!

Its so hard being a cat. Especially on a rainy day. Makes me wish I was a cat.
Several weeks ago we decided to let Ally have kittens. We thought she was pregnant, but two weeks before she was due, she was suddenly and very obviously, not pregnant. So we threw her outside so she could play with her boyfriend. Last week her belly started to swell and grow. She is due in about four weeks. We've never raised baby kittens before, I am so excited! We don't plan to keep any, so if you want one, let me know.

Burp Rag Lollipops

I made some burp cloth lollipops this weekend. They are so easy to make and so much fun.