Sunday, December 27, 2015

Josh's 34th Birthday

For Josh's Birthday we went to his parents house and cooked his birthday dinner there.

Colt loved the birthday cake.

This picture makes me feel like I can see into the future. Josh looks so much like his dad. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

As I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to scale back this Christmas. I was stressed over school and wanted to focus my energy there. 

But then as Christmas got closer and closer, I started to feel back we didn't have a tree. So I did two things that I vowed I would NEVER do.

I bought a fake tree. Not only that, but it was a small tree. Someday, when school is over, I will go back to having a huge, real tree. But until then, this one will work.

My favorite part about it was digging out our old ornaments that hung on our first Christmas tree. I think we only used them for a year or two, and then we boxed them away and never dug them out again. It was really fun seeing them up on the tree again. 

Having a fake tree did not keep that cats out of it. In fact, we had fake pine needles all over the floor because they kept chewing on it. And I didn't get a picture of it, but there was a kitten sized gap in the tree where we think Blue was sleeping when we weren't home to kick him out of the tree.

Our stockings on the couch Christmas morning. Santa even left a gift for the pets.

The cats were obsessed with the catnip filled carrot. They took turns playing with it all morning long.

This year, our stockings contained candy and gift cards. I got an Amazon gift card and Josh got an iTunes gift card.

It was a much smaller Christmas this year, but I think it helped us remember that we don't need a big and elaborate Christmas.

Christmas with Josh's Family 2015

Colt with Santa. I don't think he was too scared, I think he just wanted to be running around. 

For Preston

For Tyler

For Colt

Christmas with Savannah's Family 2015

Each year, I try to figure out the perfect gift for the nephews. I think I have finally found a good traditional one I can do each year. 

For Valex
For Daxsen

 This is the gift they got from their Aunt Suelynn. They loved it!

We decided to scale back on Christmas this year. Going back to school has put a lot of stress in my life and I didn't want that to carry over into the holidays. So in November, we decide to donate to the woman's shelter and we encouraged our families to do the same. 

In the end, I caved a little. I was ordering pictures for scrapbooking and decided to get a canvas print for Vanessa from this summer when we took her horseback riding.