Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Few of Blue's Favorite Things

We finally found a blue collar for Blue. It actually wasn't one of his favorite things, but it was for me.

We can't not load the dishwasher without his help. And I swear he can tell a difference between clean dishes and dirty dishes, he rarely helps me unload the clean dishes, but he is ALWAYS there to lick the dirty dishes as they go in.

He loves to hide in the window and get any unsuspecting fingers that don't know he's there. 

We will chase anything, but q-tips are his favorite, Each morning, he gets the cord to my hair straightener. I'm always scared I'll burn myself, so now I just give him a q-tip and that keeps him busy.

I wasn't kidding, this cat is obsessed with the dishwasher. 

He's also obsessed with my laptop. If I'm doing homework, he chases the mouse pointer on my screen. If I'm watching a movie, he curls up and watches too. 

He likes to chill in the sink when we are in the bathroom.

He LOVES begging for food. I don't know why, we don't let him have any. But it doesn't stop him. I took this picture while slicing cheese for dinner one night. A few seconds later, he managed to climb the cupboard and grab the packaging, knocking it all to the floor. 

 This is how he lays when you lock him out of a room. Then when you try to open the door, he refuses to move. 

Sage still isn't sure about him. She's not used to a cat trying to play with her. But she's slowly coming around. 
All three cats don't normally sleep together. But every now and then they do.

Blue also loves to cuddle. We spend time on the couch cuddling every Sunday afternoon.

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Jessica said...

I finally caught up on all your blog posts! Just a couple comments all at once...I so love that you have a Pandora bracelet now too! I did the same treats for April Fool's Day at my office that you did! I'm so glad we did a girl's trip. Next time we do one, let's just stay at the beach all day. ;) Loved it there! Last, I'm so glad that little Blue came to live with you. He is adorable!