Saturday, April 26, 2014

Craft Night - Flower Door Hanging

Recently, I started following Front Porch Designs on Facebook. This lady lives in Vernal and sells some of her crafts on this group. I hadn't purchased anything yet, but I started following the group figuring I could keep my eye out for something I like. 

A few weeks ago, she announced she is going to start hosting craft nights. Her first night, she was offering 2 kits. One was a large flower to hang on your wall or door and the other was SPRING letters. The flower was so cute, I couldn't resist. I tried to get a few friends to go with me, but none of them could this month. So in the end, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went by myself. 

It started at 5:30 in Vernal, but because of work, I didn't get there until 6:00. Things were going pretty good when I got there, so I just snuck into a corner and started.  I did learn that the lady hosting the craft night is friends with a friend I've been going to the gym with. 

The wood was already cut out. I just had to trace my paper for the one flower and then paint the rest. 

I had thought about painting the entire thing, but then realized, the center would be covered by the next layer, so I left them blank. 

The craft night ended up at the gal's grandma's house. I got a kick out of the cats watching us through the kitchen window. Sometimes there was just one, but others times there would be three staring in at us. 

I LOVE how it turned out!

I thought about hanging it on our front door at home, but I'm not sure if it would hold up to a door opening and closing several times a day. So I decided to hang it on the door at my office. It matches my office perfectly.

I've already signed up for her next craft night and this time, my mom is going to join me. I can't wait!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Administrative Professional's Day

This year, for Administrative Professional's Day, my company gave me a Visa Gift Card valued at $25.

I have been working at Moon Lake for 8 years now. I'm always grateful for my job and I do my best to be a valuable employee.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nephew's Easter Gifts

Literally, the day after Christmas, I had a friend post this arcade style basketball game on Facebook for sale. She lives in Provo, so I didn't think much on it. But then Josh mentioned he needed to go to Provo and pick something up that weekend. So I sent her a message and asked if I could buy it from her. I thought it would be the perfect Easter gift for Preston and Tyler. And then in true "spoil them" aunt form, I did the pails too. 

Everything was a hit! Preston immediately filled his water gun and headed outside. 

We had Easter dinner with Josh's family. The best part was watching the boys try to get a cat out of the tree. (It had climbed up the day before and wouldn't come down.) I had mentioned, in a joking manner, to just use the hose to scare it out of the tree. A few minutes later, Josh looked out and the boys had the hose and were squirting at the tree. The cat was way up high (like 30 feet) and the water was only going into the air a few feet. The best part was, one boy would hold the hose and squirt up, but the water was just coming down and soaking the other boy. They both took turns and both ended up pretty wet. 

Easter 2014

Josh wanted a new tackle box and I thought it would be a great Easter basket. He had marked one online that he really liked, so I ordered it for him. The thing is HUGE! I had it shipped to work so he wouldn't see it. We were making jokes that he was going to hide a body. Or that if he ever fell in the lake, he would sink with it because he would be too stubborn to let go and loose the stuff in it. 

I filled it a few fish hooks and an itunes card in the very top. Then I put some peeps, a new Wii game, and both the Hobbit movies on blu-ray in the upper part. 

Then I added various candies to the smaller compartments. It took a lot of candy to fill it and I didn't even fill all of the slots!

Since I knew he was getting a non traditional basket, I decided I wanted one too. I decided to ask for an automatic cleaning cat box. He filled it with tons of candy, Ever After on Blu-ray, the new Donkey Kong Wii game and a new necklace. 

It was also supposed to have a new salad shooter, but that came a day late. 

We are still perfecting how Josh can buy stuff online and surprise me. Since it was all on Amazon, he used my sister's account, but then paid with our debit card. I saw the charge on our account, but since Amazon sells everything, I still wasn't sure what I would be getting. I was 99% on the cat box since I told him it could be my Easter basket, but I didn't know what he would be putting in it.On Friday, I went to see my sister and she wouldn't let me in because I would see my "present". 

Then, on Saturday, I was trying to help Josh get his packages picked up. I stood in the kitchen while he hauled the "present" to the car. We were still missing one package (the salad shooter). We tried tracking it online and all it said was delivery between Thursday and Tuesday. So we headed home. On the way home, my sister called me and said, "when your litter box arrived there was a..." I laughed and handed the phone to Josh and told him my sister was telling me what I got. Like I said, I knew I was getting it, but I still laughed that she hid it so well, but then slipped anyways. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

While I was at my sister's last night, she mentioned she probably wouldn't do the egg hunt. My mom had to work and wouldn't be able to go help her. She thought she would just create her own in the back yard. 

But this morning, I realized I really wanted to go, so I told her I would go with her and Josh could be our photographer. Out of all the kids there, they had the cutest buckets/pails. 

Like last year, we went to the Neola egg hunt again this year. It didn't seem too have many prizes, but it was still fun and both boys found plenty of candy. We also noticed that next year, Valex will be in the group where the adults aren't allowed to help. 

 It was all over after about 10 minutes, but it was fun and I'm glad we went. 

Nephew's Easter Gifts

This year, for Easter, I was only going to get each set of boys a gift to share. 
Two days after Christmas, I bought a basketball arcade game for Preston and Tyler and thought it would be a great Easter Gift. Then, I decided I would just get Valex & Daxsen a swimming pool.

But then, I saw my friend order these cute pails on Facebook and I had to get them. Last year, we did the egg hunt with (gasp) plastic bags. So when I saw these pails, I knew they were perfect. 

And I couldn't just give them an empty pail, I also filled them with an assortment of things. Each pail had a water gun, squirt fish, bubbles, chocolate bunny, playdoh and sidewalk chalk. 

The pail turned out really cute. But for some reason, one came with flowers on it. And as luck would have it, it was on the one for the pickiest child. Not that he's super picky, but any of the other three never would have noticed. This lady had to order them online, so there wasn't time to replace it. In the end, I dug out my Cricut and cut out some black dots to cover it. Proving, I probably could have done the whole project on my own. But it seemed just as easy to pay someone else. 

Last night, I took the pail to Valex and Daxsen. 

 So much fun stuff, they didn't know where to start. They are both talking so much. Valex was able to recognize his name and declared it AWESOME and Daxsen kept telling me his was yellow. 

We took our pails outside so we could try the sidewalk chalk. (It was a little too cold for the pool or the squirt guns.) This is when I realized, Daxsen is just like his aunt Savannah.

He tried each chalk to see what color they were, and then he LINED them up. 

And when he realized one was upside down, he fixed it!

Granted, mine would be in colored order, but he's only two, so I have plenty of time to help him with that. But seriously, the kid is OCD just like his aunt. I'm so proud.