Monday, September 10, 2012

Daxsen's 1st Birthday

This weekend, we got together to celebrate Daxsen's 1st birthday. Let me tell you, he is one spoiled little boy.
Below is a picture of everything I got for him. Which I wrapped into 4 different packages to be unwrapped. Josh made the comment, "You don't spoil your nephews at all, do you." I replied by telling him it was almost time to order the Halloween shirts I like to get for them every year. Yep, not spoiled at all. ;)

 Daxsen wasn't quite sure what to do with his gifts. But his big brother was right there to show him.

 He always has the most serious look on his face! Cracks me up each time.

When Valex turned 1, he got a little train to ride. Daxsen got a firetruck, which Valex immediately tried to claim as his own. I think now that Daxsen can walk, Valex gets jealous a lot more easily. 

After John got the wheels put on the firetruck, Valex immediately jumped on it. When John tried to lift him off, he wrapped his legs around it so we couldn't pry him off.

Daxsen liked his firetruck.

Valex didn't like him liking his firetruck. 

So Daxsen went and played with the toy cars my mom bought for Valex so he wouldn't feel left out. 

After dinner, it was time for birthday cake. In my family, its tradition that on your 1st birthday, you get your own smash cake. Vanessa decided to do a Mickey Mouse cake for Daxsen's 1st birthday. Since we needed two cakes for the party, she came up the day before to help me. She decorated the Mickey Mouse cake. It turned out so cute!

The second cake we did was a dinosaur cake. When I was looking at pans one day, I fell in love with this pan and just had to have it. I was going to buy it whether my sister wanted it or not, so I was tickled when she wanted it as the 2nd cake.

When Valex noticed how much attention Daxsen was getting with his dirty face, Valex started smearing ice cream on his face. Then he would look up at us and just laugh and laugh. 

 I can't believe my favorite nephew is no longer a baby. I love these boys so much. I wish I could just bottle their cuteness up and keep it forever.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Tuck Swap

This month, our theme was fall. Unfortunately, August was a very busy month for me and I didn't have time to make a tuck. So I went to Etsy for some help. When I think of fall, I think of hunting. So I decided to find something like that. When I found this cute moose, I decided to order one for me too. 

This month, I got Kim's tuck. I LOVE it! She put such detail into it with the hair and the corn. 

After this month, I decided to quit swap group. I never could get into sewing like I hoped I would. I liked meeting with everyone once a month, but the rest of it was too stressful to be fun.