Friday, February 12, 2010

Random thoughts for the day...

1 - I miss blogging. I will stare at my blog for inspiration and something to write about, but nothing comes to me. I have lost my groove, and I want it back. I wish I was a good enough writer to blog every day.

2 - There is a ton of choices when you shop for flowers online. Its hard to choose a favorite. Speaking of flowers, someone at work got a special delivery today of 6 gorgeous pink roses. She is down at the new building and I don't see the point of letting something so pretty sit in an empty office, so right now they are on my desk.

3 - Ally is in heat (she's a SEXY thing!), but she is still so small. We are actually thinking of letting this cat have kitten. I've always wanted to have a cat have kittens, but we've always lived in such small places. Now we live where we could probably do it. She is still too small for us to consider it right now so if we did go ahead and have kittens they would come right about the same time as the baby, and that sounds like a lot of work.

4 - The Utah Foster Care System, why are they so slow! My bestie will be a great mom, approve them already and give them a placement. You say you need more foster care parents, stop dragging your feet.

5 - Scrap book group was fun last night. Got better acquainted with some people and met new people.

6- I am convinced my belly HATES me. Actually, I've thought that for years. Acid Reflux is so miserable. But lately my belly has been touch and go on the upsettedness and I'm not sure it is acid reflux this time. (If you leave a comment that I could be pregnant, I will kick you. Infertile, remember?) Last night Josh jokingly said "what if you are lactose intolerant?" I had nightmares all night that I couldn't drink milk anymore. I'm going to have to keep a food diary and see if I can find out what is causing my belly aches.

7- Its ready for another FSA get together. I LOVE these get togethers. I HATE having to plan them.

11- Josh :) He is so wonderful. I've never met a better man. How did I ever get so lucky to marry him? Its been an amazing nine years. He makes me laugh and he holds me when I cry. He's an excellent cook. He provides so well for his family. His personality is the cutest. He knows how to calm me down when I am upset. And he knows how to make me happy. What more could I ask for?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Swaperoo

Thanks Christine! I love it!