Sunday, August 29, 2010


Its no secret, Josh and I are both suckers for kittens. We spoil them and we know it. When we moved to the country I thought it would be nice if they started living outside instead of inside. We couldn't do it. We like having them in bed with us at night.

This week we decided the kittens learn about the importance of bedtime. Its been an adventure. To us, bedtime means sleep. To them it means, another place to explore and play! So each night we carefully tuck our toes under the thick blanket so it doesn't hurt when they bite us. The first night Buddy cuddled right up to Josh and went to sleep. Around midnight I had enough of the other kittens playing, so I threw them out and shut our bedroom door. A few hours later I opened the door back up to let Zipper out. Within 5 minutes all the kittens were there. They played for a minute and then finally went to sleep.

They've gotten a little better each night. I didn't get any pictures until last night. I went in to get ready for bed and found that Buddy had already made his way to bed. The first time I went in, he was a few inches away from Zipper, but when I went in later I found him cuddled up with Zipper. He looks so happy in the second picture. :)
Getting ready for bedtime. Will they play or will they sleep?
Looks like we're thinking of calling it a night!All nestled in!
Then the lights went off. I took the rest of these pictures in the dark. I'm impressed how well they turned out. They had decided it would be more fun to get my toes.

Kittens this & that

Zipper getting some cuddle time in. He must be lonely if he's cuddling with Josh.
The basket I WISH they would sleep in. This is the 2nd time I put them there. They don't stay.
Playing with the jingle mice. We have several of these mice and find them everywhere. Its partly because the kittens pack them everywhere, but we've also watched Ally. When the kittens are sleeping and she thinks they should be awake, she will find the mice and pack it to the kittens and drop them on top of them. Its quite funny.
Even Pyro gets in on the fun, sometimes.
Ally being wild with the kittens. After all, they learned wild from the best. They are still nursing. Another favorite is playing with string.

What's in the couch?

What's in the couch?

What has you guys so interested?
It's the explorer Lewis! We dig Lewis out of the couch several times a day. One day Josh came home and dug all of the kittens out, but he forgot to get a picture first. I think I've gotten Honey out one other time, but Lewis is in there ALL THE TIME.
And he found Josh's missing magazine!

The bookshelf and the cooler

The kittens have been playing on the book shelf for a while, but now they can get to the second level.
They also get in the entertainment center. That's not hard to do because Josh always leaves it open. If you look closely at the top of the movies, you can see Lewis' feet. I bought a little cooler for our trips to the city so if we have leftovers at The Olive Garden, we can take our food home to enjoy later. It sets in the kitchen the rest of the time. It has become the newest popular place to hang out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Pork Enchiladas

Hubs has a few days off which means I don't have to cook this week! I would do a happy dance, but it was a Monday and I am drained. Which made dinner tonight all the better.

Tonight he made Sweet Pork Enchiladas using THIS recipe posted by Better Than Burgers. Delish is only the beginning of how good these were. I am so excited for leftover for lunch tomorrow!

To put a nice end to a long day, he also served up brownies a la mode. What a sweetie he is.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kittens will explore and sleep anywhere

While on the computer tonight, I felt something crawl up the leg of my pj pants. It was Bullet.

The kittens will play until they literally fall over and fall asleep.
They love to chew on the cords on my computer. Yes, I made sure he wasn't shocked. Nope, he was just sleeping.
I changed this guy's name on Thursday. He is now Honey. I'm not even sure why. I just called him that and loved it so I've kept using it. Honey has found the strings on my glider rocker and will play with them for quite a while.

Buddy loves to cuddle.
And I love that he loves to cuddle.