Sunday, August 8, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Sunday was a day full of some of my favorite things.

I finally was able to style my hair the way I want it to look. It took a few hours, but I think with practice, I can get faster and better. This man. I can never get enough of him. And him laying on the floor playing with his nephews, yum, I could just eat him up. Except the dog beat me to it. His parents dog, Oreo, was obsessed with licking his bald head each time he laid down. Good dessert, made by yours truly. This little beauty was a S'mores cheesecake. Family. I don't even bother to use the word in-laws with them because they are so much more then that to me. (How did I miss a picture of Dallon? Oh ya, probably because he was sleeping and then off to institute. I'll get him next time.)I can't get enough of these little guys! But with eyes like Tyler's, and grins like Preston's, who can resist them?
We tried to get some pictures of Tyler and Preston. It was so much fun. Here is just some of the ones I took.

Tyler's 1st birthday is coming up, so we wanted to get a picture to put in the newspaper.

Of course we needed some of Preston too. First he would grin with his eyes closed. When we would tell him to open his eyes, he would open his mouth also. The best shots came after that when we were laughing at him and he was laughing at us. A few pictures of the boys together. Preston playing in the tree while we were taking pictures of Tyler. And of couse, another favorite is lots of laughs. Dallon and Josh were throwing these nerf darts at each other. Apparently they stick well to bald heads.

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