Thursday, August 5, 2010

More kitten pictures!

Looks like I'm behind on sharing pictures of the kittens.
They are getting so big! This last week, they have started to play with each other. On the weekends we hang out on the floor. I'm trying to paint my bedroom, so my house is a mess and this matress was on the floor, so we hung out there.
Josh sleeping with his favorite kitten. Ally keeping watch to make sure he doesn't walk off the edge again. Zipper has not gotten along with Ally since we brought her home from her ultrasound. At first he would hiss each time he saw her. Then a few weeks ago he would cry each time he saw her. I think he has missed his best friend. I was so happy to see them sleeping together today.
I have videos of the kittens playing, I'll try to get them loaded.


Desi said...

What super cute pictures! I love the one where the gray kitten is sleeping with his paws up in the air! So adorable! Thanks for kitten pictures :)

Jessica said...

My favorite picture is Ally and Zipper sleeping on the chair together. That makes me happy too. :)

Jill Elizabeth said...

Oh, they are getting bigger! And fluffier. I want to cuddle them so badly!