Friday, November 21, 2014

Las Vegas 2014 - Part 2

The 1st show we went to that week was Cirque du Soleil's "O". They don't allow pictures during the show, but I loved their ceiling and couldn't resist taking a picture before the show began. The show was awesome! It was the most expensive one we did while there, but it was worth the money.

The other highlight of the trip was Bass Pro Shop. Since it was my 2nd time there, I didn't take as many pictures. But I still had to take a few for Josh. 

I wanted to get Josh's Christmas shopping done, but since they are located in a warmer climate, they didn't have the things I wanted. So I'll just have to order it online. But I did buy Christmas for most of his family there. I'll wait until then to post those pictures. I did buy Josh a few things while I was there. He has declared the coffee mug is his new favorite because its so big. I think the Hershey one is just as big, but he hasn't used it yet. 

The 2nd show of the week was at Treasure Island Casino. My mom's condo always does a sales pitch to get you to buy or upgrade. The reward we chose was 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, including dinner at The Buffet in the Treasure Island Casino. I've never tagged along for the sales pitch, but decided I would this year. We got the SLOOOOWEST lady. She would literally walk 5 steps and have to stop and catch her breath. She was an older lady and I think she just does it to get out a few times each week so she can eat bacon without her family getting after her. I actually left early, but my mom had to stay for the whole pitch before they would give her the tickets. We looked at the tickets online and we got a screaming deal, which was a good thing since it took a few hours!

Since my mom had paid for all the gas to travel and the condo fees, I decided to buy us both tickets to see Wicked. While we were waiting for the show to start, we learned it was the last night the production would be there. Neither of us had seen it before and we loved it! I'm so glad we were able to go. 

Our last day in Vegas was very relaxing. I decided to spend the morning at the Spa located in the South Point Casino, which is right next to the condo. They wouldn't allow you to have your phone turned on inside, so I didn't get any pictures. But let me just say it was pure heaven! I spent some time in the Jacuzzi before my massage. And again after my massage. As I was leaving I asked them if I could just buy a day pass in the future and found out I could. So if I go again, I'll probably spend a lot more time there.

The last night, we decided to eat out at a Mexican restaurant a friend suggested called Ricardo's. It was really good. I'll spare you the picture of my dinner, but I couldn't resist this gorgeous cake they had on display to promote their catering business. 

Las Vegas 2014 - Part 1

Once again, I was able to spend a week with my mom in her Condo, in Las Vegas. Originally, my brother was supposed to go with her. But a week before the trip, he started a new job. So then she asked my sister, but she couldn't make it work with her job either. So in the end, it was just me and her. I keep joking one of these times she'll invite me, before I invite myself.

We had a pretty laid back trip. We were able to go to a few shows and enjoy lots of shopping. 

The thing I wanted to do the most was to go to the Pearl in an Oyster place again. 

My first pearl, I had put into a ring setting. Then they let me choose a 2nd pearl for free, so I had it put onto a necklace pendant. They were trying to get me to do a 3rd free pearl, but I knew I would just spend more money having it put onto something. Instead, I decided to complete the set with matching earnings that were already made up. 

My mom's favorite casino is Paris. I hadn't been up their Eiffel tower yet, so we did that. We were hanging out waiting for the Bellagio's water show to start and the guard showed us how to use the slits in the floor to take pictures with our phones. 

After that, we headed over to the Bellagio. We had purchased tickets for "O" and needed to pick them up. While we were there, we checked out the world's largest chocolate fountain. 

They had so many cool cakes, but I only took a picture of a few of them. 

And I couldn't resist them cute cupcake. 

The Bellagio also has a really cool conservatory they change each season. 

I got some dragon books for Valex & Daxsen and also Preston & Tyler to share.

Pez candies for the older nephews.

I couldn't resist this cute outfit for Colt. I also found a matching burp rag and binkie holder. 

While we were driving down the strip, we saw they now have a Hershey's Store. 

I bought each of the older nephew's a shirt. I couldn't find one for Colt. I asked the store manager and she said the baby stuff flies off the shelf; they can't seem to keep it in stock.

A new hoodie for myself.

I got Josh a coffee cup. I couldn't decide between the pretty glass cup and the thermos for me, so in the end I bought both. 

Josh's New Job

After working in the desert for 4 years, Josh decided he was ready for a change. So he started applying for jobs. His main goal was to find a job with more dependable hours so he could go back to school in the fall.

He applied for one job and felt like the interview went well. But then a week later, he received a letter in the mail saying he didn't get it. Then, 3 weeks later, he saw the same job again. We decided to try once again. It had just posted, so we figured it would be 2 weeks before we heard back.

The next morning, they called and offered him the job. The timing actually worked well. He was able to give his 2 week notice at his other job and enjoy his elk hunt before starting the new job.

He now works for Uintah Basin Medical Center on their construction crew. I had no idea the hospital even had a construction crew. But it makes sense, they are always adding on or redoing offices. They contract out their bigger additions, but Josh's crew does the smaller stuff.

Its been a different change for him, but he is enjoying it. The funniest thing so far was when they had to replace a wall in the OR. It is considered a sterile environment. Before they could even start, they had to send all of their equipment through the sterilization. Then they had to do that too and they had to wear hazmat-like suits while they worked in their. And they had to be super careful about keeping the dust down, so part of his job was just holding a vacuum hose to catch the drywall dust.

I still plan to go back to school the first of the year. But Josh is going to wait until the fall and start then. Sometimes I worry we have lost our minds to both be college students at the same time. But I know it will open doors for us and I'm grateful we'll be able to do it at once. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Josh's Elk Hunt 2014

It was a successful elk hunt for Josh this year.

With all the stress from his job, followed by the new job opportunity, he has been really stressed this year. Luckily, with the job change, he was able to have a week off so he could only have to worry about hunting season.

To add to the stress, last week, his grandpa was life flighted to SLC. He had to have some stints put in immediately and will probably need a followup procedure. He is doing well, but because of it, they won't be able to go on his hunt next weekend. I think grandpa only puts in for hunts so he can have a reason to get the family together. 

I had to go to the city for some other stuff, so on my way home, I decided to stop and see grandpa. As I was pulling into the parking garage, I got the picture from Josh. So the first thing I did when I got to the room was to show grandpa. That made his day. He even had me showing the picture to the nurses. And later, Josh was able to call him and tell him all about it.

Josh didn't have time to go home, get the horses, and get back up the mountain before dark, so he decided to just go back the next morning. He was thrilled when he dad said he would go with him.

Josh has already said, many times, this was one of his funnest hunts ever. And you can see that by the huge grin on his face.