Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year, I kept my Halloween costume simple. I decided to just wear my Halloween apron and a chef's hat. I also had some Halloween spatula's.


Before going to do some trick or treating with the older nephews, I went to see Colt. Since he is too young for any treats, I found a cute outfit for him instead.

That boy is always giggles and grins.

For the older nephews, I did an assortment of treat bags. I had Ghost poop (mini marshmallows), bat droppings (chocolate covered raisins), and witch fingernails (bugle chips). I also found a fun drinking straw and a sucker that had a bug inside it.

We were going to do the main street Halloween parade, but it was insane this year. The foot traffic was barely crawling and there wasn't as many businesses handing out candy. Vanessa and I only walked 2 blocks and decided it wasn't worth it. We had heard the football team was doing one at the high school, so we went there. Melanie and the boys met us just as we got there. 

While we were there, Valex saw my spatula's and asked what they were for. Melanie told him they were to paddle his bum. After we were done at the high school, I went home and told Vanessa to just call me when she went to take the kids to grandpa's house. When I met them there, Valex asked me where my "paddles" were. I had forgot them at home, so I told him I had been cooking with them. The look on his face was priceless when he said, "You cook food with the paddles?"

Trying to get a picture with 4 small boys is an adventure. I was so excited to be able to spend the afternoon with most of my favorite boys.


KT said...

The cool Aunt Halloween cook - that works for me!

Jessica said...

That's so fun that you get to see them all on Halloween!

Suelynn Jacobus said...

I'm going to need your help planning costumes. I went as a mom this year, like all the other years. Lame, I know. Love the bug succors! What did the boys say?