Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Because Flowers

Yesterday, a floral lady walked into the building with some pretty flowers. Because I sit at the front desk, I always get to see who is getting flowers. Not that it happens often, but I do work with a few ladies who have husbands who will have flowers delivered on birthday's and anniversaries. I'll even drop hints to Josh by telling him "So and so got flowers delivered to her today." Maybe some day he'll catch on. Although, on the other hand, when he does get me flowers, it is neat that he delivers them himself. I just want him to know his options for times when he isn't around for a hand delivery.

When flowers are delivered, the person will always say who they are for. I'll lie at first and tell them that's me, but then 2 secons later, I'll admit its not me, but I will deliver them to the correct person.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday they really were for me! It took my by surprise, espcially since its not my birthday or anniversary or really...anything. I eagerly ripped open the envelope to see that they were from my mom. Flowers for no reason at all is even better!

I also love the pot they came in.

Thanks mom, I love them. They have brought a lot of joy sitting in my desk at work. I love you too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dallon & Natalie's Open House in Mtn. Home

This weekend, it was our turn to set up for the Open House for Dallon & Natalie in Mountain Home. As you can see below, we had some wonderful helpers. Tyler loved helping his uncle Josh and grandpa bring in the fences.

Of course I had to get a picture of Josh helping his mom iron. (Because I threw a big fit and declared, "I don't iron!" I did finally break that rule and help iron the curtains we used as table runners.)

I love how cute everything turned out. This table was for the bigger wedding pictures and to display any quilts. By the end of the night, there may have been a few more quilts, but I wasn't able to get a picture of that. 

For gift favors, Barb bought some taffies in the wedding colors and guest could fill their own bag to take home. I also want to mention, that I bought the tulips and the roses (in the above picture) at 11:30 the night before. We had gone to Vernal for our date and I decided to check in with Barb and see if she needed anything. Twenty-five minutes and 3 trips around Wal-mart later, I had a few things in my shopping cart with a promise to come back and buy the flowers so they wouldn't freeze in my car while we went to dinner and a movie. Wal-mart is pretty quite at 11:30 at night, wish it was closer to home so I could do my shopping then.

The cake survived the trip from Loa. 

Natalie's bouquet for the night. 

I loved how cute the tables were and yet also how simple. Although, they were the slight disagreement. We only set up four, so I thought we should only use 3/4 of the gym, instead of the full gym. While Barb and Melanie ran to town to get lunch, I had Dallon help me move the table up about 4 feet. I don't think Barb even noticed. 

Each table had two flower jars (aren't they so cute in those mason jars!) and four pictures that varied from engagement pictures to wedding pictures. 

The gift table centerpiece. 

This is where the bride and groom and their parents were going to greet guest. I know the picture is blurry, but that is because I thought I'd be able to get a picture when the line was all set up and receiving guest. There was some problems getting Grandpa Paul to the reception, so Matt was a few minutes late. So Josh stood in the line with his mom until Matt could get there. 

Kind of last minute, it was decided that Dallon should have his own corner. I think he just wanted an excuse to show off his elk horn sheds he's found in the past few years. Josh hasn't worn his hat the last two weekends because, well I'm not completely sure. I think he just wanted to look nice for his brother and not stick out. He asked on Saturday if he could wear his hat to the Open House. I told him I didn't see why not, since Dallon was setting up his elk horns. And that is exactly what he told Dallon, "Savannah says I can wear my hat since you set up elk horns."

The cookie table. At the end of the night, there was still hundreds of cookies. I agree with Barb, cookie is a bad word right now. 

The reception started at 7:00, but Barb had prepared a light dinner for family at 6:30. At 6:50 my mom called to tell me that Valex was sick and Vanessa was taking him to the ER. (He has a aortic stenosis so they have to be careful and really watch for things like strep throat.) My mom was out of town so she was hoping I could go help watch Daxsen. I called Vanessa and offered to come get Daxsen. (All without mentioning the reception because I knew she would tell me no.) She decided that since it was close to his bedtime, she would put him to bed and then his dad could watch him while she took Valex in. So it was decided she would call me if I needed anything.

Then I stressed. And cried. And worried. Ten minutes later, Josh told me to go to the ER with her since I was so worried. So I did. I had a pair of sweat in the car to change into later that night for cleanup. I put them on, over my nylons, and then put my high heels back on because I wasn't smart enough to also bring a change of shoes for the night. I pulled into the hospital parking lot about 90 seconds ahead of my sister.
I am so grateful I can't have kids. It was so hard watching the nurse and doctor try to check him out and watch him cry because he was scared. I was even asked to push the x-ray button so the tech could help Vanessa hold him in place for the x-ray of his lungs. I'm glad I could be there for my sister, but I'm also glad its not something I'll ever have to go through on my own.
Finally at about 10:00 the doctor came in to tell us it wasn't strep; just a cold and ear infection. So I got back to the church in time to help finish cleaning up. I know Josh got a bunch of the cousins to help decorate Natalie's car. He thinks since they stretched this over three weekends, it was perfectly fine to make sure the car was decorated each weekend. I'll try to get some pictures of that from someone because Josh was quite proud of it.

I'll also have to get a picture of my dress I had for that night. I started my weight loss journey last year just for this event. Well, not just this, but it was a big reason that kept me going. I was kind of sad that I was only there for a few minutes, but a few people made sure to track down Josh and tell him how amazing I looked before I ran out the door.

I love Dallon & Natalie, but I am so glad to have all this wedding craziness over. This body is ready to not have to travel and eat out anymore. I think each weekend turned out perfect and hope they think so too.

Now to just figure out what to give them as a wedding gift...

Valentine's 2012

With our anniversary only five days before, Valentine's isn't something we really get into. Most years, we'll ask each other what we want and the response is, nothing is fine. And it is fine because in the last 8 weeks we have bought gifts for Christmas, both our birthday's and our annivsary.

This year, the answer was the same. Then the day before Valentine's, I remember this cute idea I had seen on Dating Diva's and decided to hurry and throw it together for Valentine's Day for the hubs. I know I could have just done one or two of the ideas, but each one was so cute, that I decided to use each printable. Josh loved it. And he has been a sweetheart and let me eat the Circus Animal cookies because they are my favorite!

Since I got him a gift last minute, he didn't have any ideas for me. So I helped him pick out a gift for me. Lots of chocolates and the new Breaking Dawn movie, which he even watched with me a few days later. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Dinner 2012

Months ago (like Octoberish) I bought tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert. It was on Valentine's and seemed like a fun way to celebrate our anniversary.

Then Dallon decided to get married in February. Not that his wedding plans interfered any way with the concert, but as February got closer and closer, I stressed more and more. A weekend in St. George. A weekend in Loa. Then at the end of the month I am going to a scrapbook retreat. I was excited for the concert, but not about the traveling. And sleeping in another hotel. And eating out again. And again. And again. Before February even started, I was traveled out. I just wanted to stay home and have a peaceful day.

Then a few weeks ago, Jessica mentioned she was sad we wouldn't be here for Valentine's so we could do a dinner together. That night, I realized that sounded more fun then the concert. I have all the Lady Antebellum albums and can listen to them any time I want. So the next morning, I listed the tickets on KSL and within 10 minutes I had 4 different people contact me. I sold them to the first caller and told the rest sorry.

Then I told the hubs what I had done. I knew he wouldn't care and I was right. He's an even bigger home body then I am.

After that, Jessica and I planned our dinner. I think that's why Josh agreed so easily, now the pressure was off of him to take me out that night. And actually, in the end it worked out perfectly because Josh has become pretty busy at work and he would have had a hard time getting the time off. And when I woke up yesterday, I was so glad to know I wasn't about to travel again.

My Valentine's gift from Jessica.

I gave her a bag of the pink and white animal cookies, but forgot to take a pic, I'll upload that later. ;)

Jessica's beautiful table. I'm hosting St. Patrick's at my house and I can already tell you, my table won't be near as pretty.

We each took a few assignments to make dinner preparations less stressful.
Jessica made:
I made:

Everything turned out so yummy. I was STUFFED before dessert, but it was so pretty and DELISH that I had still two servings of it.

Josh had to go back to Vernal for work after dinner. But it was still a perfect evening. I have a few things for him that I'm going to give him when he's home in a few days. Hopefully he'll have something for me too. ;)

My Valentine's

I can never get enough of my nephews, so when I dropped their Valentine's gifts off last night, I had to stay and visit for a little bit. And get a few pictures.

Daxsen us getting ready to teeth, so he gnawed on my fingers for a while, after he got bored with my bracelet.

Valex got a hold of my cell phone and was playing with it. I took a picture of him "talking" on it, but its fuzzy. This year I vowed to not keep fuzzy pictures. But here is a few other pictures. I'm not sure what he's doing in the first picture, probably hiding from the crazy lady who takes too many pictures. 

And he's wearing his auntie shirt! I love those little boys so much.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Treats for the Nephews

I've been working on a few Valentine's treats for Josh. They turned out so cute that I decided to make some for the nephews. Josh has to go back to work tonight after we meet for dinner, so I'm saving his treats for when he comes home later this week. But here is a few pictures of how cute the nephew gifts turned out.

Preston, Tyler and Valex each get a bag of animal crackers and a bag of gold fish crackers. Daxsen isn't eating food yet, so I bought him a cute toy for his car seat instead. I hope to catch Vanessa and her boys tonight before meeting Josh and Andrew & Jessica for dinner. Then I'm busy for a few nights, but hopefully I can take Preston & Tyler their treats before the week ends.

While in the checkout lane, the lady behind me commented on how nice it was that I was buying healthy treats. I told her they were for my nephews. She then turned to her daughter and said something about maybe she should do that for her kids. I just grinned and told her that since we don't have any children of our own, we take every chance we can to spoil our nephews.

Thanks to the Dating Diva's website for such cute printouts. You can view them HERE.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dallon & Natalie's Reception in Loa

This weekend, we headed to Loa, Utah for the wedding reception where Natalie grew up. 

On the way down Indian Canyon we got stuck behind this big truck. It was huge and took up both sides of the road. We had to follow it for about 5 miles (which equaled 30 minutes) before they could find a spot wide enough to let us, and the line of traffic behind us, pass. Can you see that odd orange spot on the rear axle?

Not a job I would want to have. And he was texting! I think I would just keep all of my attention on the road.

Natalie's family put together a beautiful reception. They had a candy bar.

And a gorgeous cupcake tree. 

They also had some Oreo balls and a chocolate fondue fountain with strawberries. 

Last week, a brother in-law asked Josh if he was prepared to decorate their car. Josh hadn't even thought about it. This time, Natalie's sister asked Josh to help her husband decorate the car. Of course he said yes. 

Natalie's grandpa Hiskey was parked right next to their car. He really didn't help, but he still posed for a picture. Then I took my camera in to show Dallon & Natalie, while holding my finger over Josh so they wouldn't see him. When I showed the picture to Dallon he exclaimed, "Grandpa Hiskey!"

I think this was Josh's way of acting out and getting revenge for having to wear a tie, a pink tie nonetheless.

They didn't make too big of a mess of the cake, at least not on each other. But Barb was pretty concerned about the mess they left on the floor. 

When Dallon went to take the garter off, Natalie told him to take it off...with his teeth! He even stopped right at her angle to pose for the photographer. The photographer loved that, she's never had someone stop and pose before. I can't wait to see the pictures she got. 

At the end of the night, I tried Natalie's shoes on and then went to show them to Josh. Natalie's little niece was very concerned that I was wearing her shoes so I didn't get a picture. It was another fabulous weekend with Josh's family. Next weekend is the Open House here in Mountain Home. I'm so glad we'll at least get to stay home and not have to travel.