Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Treats for the Nephews

I've been working on a few Valentine's treats for Josh. They turned out so cute that I decided to make some for the nephews. Josh has to go back to work tonight after we meet for dinner, so I'm saving his treats for when he comes home later this week. But here is a few pictures of how cute the nephew gifts turned out.

Preston, Tyler and Valex each get a bag of animal crackers and a bag of gold fish crackers. Daxsen isn't eating food yet, so I bought him a cute toy for his car seat instead. I hope to catch Vanessa and her boys tonight before meeting Josh and Andrew & Jessica for dinner. Then I'm busy for a few nights, but hopefully I can take Preston & Tyler their treats before the week ends.

While in the checkout lane, the lady behind me commented on how nice it was that I was buying healthy treats. I told her they were for my nephews. She then turned to her daughter and said something about maybe she should do that for her kids. I just grinned and told her that since we don't have any children of our own, we take every chance we can to spoil our nephews.

Thanks to the Dating Diva's website for such cute printouts. You can view them HERE.


Jessica said...

Very cute and fun!

Tammy said...

So cute! Love, Mom