Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's 2012

With our anniversary only five days before, Valentine's isn't something we really get into. Most years, we'll ask each other what we want and the response is, nothing is fine. And it is fine because in the last 8 weeks we have bought gifts for Christmas, both our birthday's and our annivsary.

This year, the answer was the same. Then the day before Valentine's, I remember this cute idea I had seen on Dating Diva's and decided to hurry and throw it together for Valentine's Day for the hubs. I know I could have just done one or two of the ideas, but each one was so cute, that I decided to use each printable. Josh loved it. And he has been a sweetheart and let me eat the Circus Animal cookies because they are my favorite!

Since I got him a gift last minute, he didn't have any ideas for me. So I helped him pick out a gift for me. Lots of chocolates and the new Breaking Dawn movie, which he even watched with me a few days later. 

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Jessica said...

Those are all cute ideas to go along with candy! I'm jealous of your DVD. It's on my amazon wish list though. ;)