Monday, February 6, 2012

Dallon & Natalie's Wedding

On Saturday, Natalie joined our family by marrying Dallon in the St. George temple.  

We all headed down to St. George on Friday. Usually Josh and I love to go to St. George in the winter so we can escape the snow at home. Home hasn't been bad at all, we've had snow on our lawn three times this winter, and it has melted off early each time. So we didn't escape much cold, but St. George was still beautiful.

Six plus hours is a long time for little bodies to be trapped in a truck, even if it is with grandpa & grandma. So as soon as we got to the hotel, Tyler jumped on each bed and tossed all the pillows to the floor in the center. Then he made a dive to the other side. Luckily his uncle Josh was there to catch him. After that, it became a game and he jumped back and forth for quite a while. 

Then we headed to dinner at the Olive Garden. Tyler played with his spaghetti noodles a bit. Right at the end, I remembered I had my camera in my purse and caught this picture of him trying to untangle it from his arm.

Saturday morning was gorgeous! Bright and early that morning, Melanie and I took a walk along the streets. (Because the gym in the hotel didn't open until 8!) About 10 minutes after we left, Josh heard a knock on the hotel room. He opened it to find his mom demanding he take her to Walmart because she had left her makeup at home. We got back from our walk just in time to see Barb & Matt off as they headed to the temple.

Josh and I ate a quick breakfast and then headed to the temple to be there when they came out. There had been some miscommunication about when Josh was supposed to wear his pink tie, so we didn't bring his white shirt with us that weekend.

Mr. & Mrs. Christensen!

 Everyone loved Natalie's pink shoes.

And her beautiful flowers.

I am so happy to have a new sister in-law. Dallon choose a wonderful lady to bring into the family. 

It was a perfect day for the people I love most. I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family. 

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Jessica said...

The weather sure looks nice in the pictures! Congrats to them!