Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Auntie Rocks

Last week, I decided to run into Carter's (real quick, haha) to buy a shirt for Preston for his birthday. And a shirt for Tyler so he could open a present on Preston's birthday too. Then I grabbed another shirt for each boy. Then I decided I wanted to get a few shirts for Valex and Daxsen too.

This aunt has a hard time controlling herself when it comes to spoiling the nephews.

So with my two shirts for each boy (so 8 shirts total) I walked up to the counter. Two things happened. The clerk informed me that socks were on sale. Socks? I told her that I didn't need socks. So she started to tell me just what a good deal it was. I informed her that I'm not the kind of aunt that buys socks. Those are lame and I am not a lame aunt.

The second thing that happened, was I saw a onesies that was to die for! Valex and Daxsen are my little rockstar nephews. If it has a guitar on it, I just can't resist getting it for them. Bonus if I can find the same thing for each boy. This onesie had a guitar on it and said "My Auntie Rocks." Of course I had to buy it for each boy!

Josh had stayed in the car while I ran into the store. I think he was shocked when I walked out with a bag of shirts. I'm so glad he doesn't seem to mind how much I love spoiling (and therefore spending) on my nephews.

Last night, after work, I went to see my sister and the boys so I could give them their new clothes. We both decided the onesies were so cute, we had to put them on a get a few pictures. Valex wasn't into the idea, so I didn't get a picture with both boys, but he warmed up for the camera later and let me take some pictures.

 I'm so sad to see Daxsen get bigger. He is my go to baby when I need to get my baby cuddles in.

Valex hamming it up for the camera with grandma.

Since Christmas at my mom's was such a full house, we didn't get the tunnel out to play that I gave them. But I soon heard just how much Valex (and the cat) loved it. So while I was there last night I asked Vanessa to get it out. Valex immediately dove into it, climbed in and out, turned around in, hid in, etc. He was having a blast. I can't wait for Daxsen to get big enough that they can play together in it. 

When I left, Valex waved at me. Vanessa says he hardly waves to anyone but grandma. He just knows what an awesome aunt I am.

Most aunts would probably wait until maybe Easter, or even birthday's, before buying more gifts. But I know me and I know that before long I will be back with more gifts.

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Jessica said...

You do "rock, auntie"! They're lucky to have you. :)