Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meeting Heather Justesen

Since Jessica introduced Heather Justesen's books to me in book club last year, I have been hooked. So when Jessica told me Heather Justesen would be doing a book signing for her new book, I had to be there.

We had been planning our city trip for a few weeks. Winter has been pretty calm this year, but on the day of our trip it was like nature realized the dial was set to early spring when it should have really been sit to winter. Ugh, we have had such gorgeous weather up until the day we headed to the city. At one point, we thought about turning around the roads were so nasty, but we travelled on knowing that we would most likely end up having to stay the night and come home the next morning.

After some shopping in Salt Lake we headed to Provo to the book signing. This is the 3rd year (in a row) that I have been able to meet an author. Now it feels like a tradition I'll have to keep up each year.

"Family by Design" is her newest book and so far I am in love with it. Jessica had the ebook version of "Blank Slate" and she lent me her copy to read. I was so excited to see that Heather Justesen has come out with a hard copy.

In the end, we did have to stay the night in Provo. Jessica had talked to her sister earlier in the day and she was going out of town, but promised to leave us a key just in case. We were so grateful for that. We had heard that Parley's was closed so we knew we didn't want to try going home, but the next day we learned that Provo Canyon had been closed too, so even if we had tried to go home, we would have been stopped and told to go back to Provo.

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad we were able to go and I love that you love her books as much as me!