Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing Fetch

Sage doesn't fetch. Josh has worked with her a little bit, but not a lot. So imagine my surprise when Gaby started playing fetch.

Last week, she found a gray string, like a shoelace or from a hoodie, I'm really not sure where this string even came from. So I've let her keep it as "her" string. Yesterday, while riding my exercise bike, she was at my side being a pest. She claws at my butt and my feet, she really is good at being a pest. Finally I picked up the string and threw it across the room to distract her. It worked! Until she picked it up and drug it back to me. Then she started to cry, chew and claw at me again. So I tossed the string again. And again, she went to get it and brought it back to me. We did this for 10 minutes! Then I was done with my exercising, so I went about my day and got ready for work.

It seems to be her new favorite thing. This morning when I got on my bike, she was immediately there at my side crying. There was no string so I tried to ignore her. But she is a persistent little thing. Finally, I had to pause my bike and go find the string.

I threw it in the kitchen.
 She brought it back.

I threw it across the front room.
 She brought it back.

We did this for several minutes, she doesn't seem to tire of it. I throw it on the couch, she brings it back. I throw it across the room, she brings it back. I throw it on the recliner, she doesn't see it, so she cries and is a pest, until I pick her up and put her next to it. Then she brings it back.

My favorite place to throw it is in the kitchen because she slides across the tile while trying to come to a stop to pick up the string. Its also the hardest throw, because I have to throw behind me and then turn at an awkward angle to watch her go get it. 

I do this until I realize I've missed something big on the Netflix I'm watching, or I get tired of throwing it. Then  I try to ignore her. She doesn't like being ignored, and I don't like her claws digging into me. She gives me about 5 seconds after dropping the string by my side before she starts crying. Then I have about another 5 seconds before she starts clawing at me.

The first 5 seconds of peace.

Then she starts crying.

I have never a kitten like this one, that is for sure. 


Jessica said...

This is too funny! Seeing her bringing the string back is hilarious. I love the picture of her crying too. I need to come see this for myself. :)

Savannah said...

The crying picture really was good timing; I was so excited when I saw it. I told Josh I need him to come home from his trip so he can play with her so I can get my exercise in.