Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dinosaur Train on the Heber Creeper

This weekend, I took my sister and her kids to Heber to ride the dinosaur train.

We were there a little early, so we walked around and looked at some of the trains, and the big dinosaur. 

The Natural History Museum had brought a few skeletons and other fossils. 

While waiting for the train, the boys go to excavate a dinosaur to take home. 

Watching the engine move to the front of the train. 

Daxsen, who is usually the brave child, wouldn't get any closer than a few feet away from the dinosaur. 

Both boys loved the train ride. 

There were two dinosaurs that danced in our car. Valex cracked me up. When they first walked on, I said, "Look, dinosaurs!" He looked at me and said, "No, there are just costumes." But by the end, he was dancing on the seat with them. 

It was a fun day spent with some of my favorite people. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Meeting Susan's Family

On Saturday, my dad and Susan had a ring ceremony and exchanged vows. It was held at my dad's parent's house and included most of my dad's family and Susan's family.

Of course, these two were my favorite people there.

Susan singing along while my cousin playing a song.

Hearing them speak of their love for each other was very special.I'm so happy that my dad has found someone to share his life with.

My dad with most of his siblings and some of their spouses.

Susan has 6 bothers, four of them were able to make it, along with a close family friend. Their family has a tradition that if someone is missing from a family picture, someone will stand in backwards to mark their spot. Two of her brothers couldn't make it, so her son's stood in for them.

Three of her four children were able to be there, along with two of her grandsons.

I'm still trying to remember all the names of my new family members, but meeting them really helped. Her daughter was even nice enough to email me a fact sheet to help me out. 

It was a very special day. Susan's family seems really nice and I'm excited to have them be a part of my family.