Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Dad's Wedding

About a month ago, my dad called to see if he could come visit. He had a lady friend, Susan, he wanted us to meet. 

Then, a week later he called to say they would be getting married the following Saturday. I was thrilled for him, but also sad because that was the day I flew to Atlanta. I told him it was ok if I wasn't there, but I would miss it.

Between myself, my sister and some of Susan's children, that day just wasn't good. So they decided to move it forward two weeks and get married this Saturday.

When it was all set, the bishop that was going to marry them had some conflicting issues. They could either wait another week or get married during the week.

So they got married this morning.

The wedding was held at my grandparents house. All of my siblings were able to be there, along with most of my dad's siblings.

My aunt Susan (yes, now we have two Susan's in the family) was sweet enough to make them a cake for today.

While we were inside getting ready to cut the cake, my brother Alden was outside decorating their car.

I'm so happy for my dad. Susan seems very sweet and she makes him happy.


Jessica said...

They do seem very happy together so I'm happy for them! How nice of Susan to make that cake for them. It was pretty!

Suelynn Jacobus said...

Love this! Thank you for doing such a great job of posting about the family. It's wonderful to see them happy.