Saturday, June 14, 2014

Atlanta Day 4 - Atlanta Zoo

On Tuesday, after our classes and the general session, we decided to go check out the zoo. With our first two tickets, we had pretty much got what we payed for with our city pass, so this guaranteed we got our money's worth. Years ago, I had a chance to see a glimpse of the San Diego Zoo. By glimpse, I mean, they gave us half a day and that zoo is HUGE. We had enough time to see two things. 

I was worried the Atlanta Zoo would be the same and we wouldn't get to see everything. But we were able to see everything in just a few hours before it closed. It was a beautiful zoo. The habitats were large and you could see the animals from several sides of it. So if you couldn't see them on one side, you moved around the corner and then could see them better. 

The zoo had a few babies. The first we saw were twin warthogs. 

A baby rhino. 

They had a spot where you could feed the giraffe's. It was fun to watch some kids feed them. 

A baby giraffe wanting his own food.

The gorilla's were fun to watch. 

These gorillas were towards the back of their habitat. It looked like they were having a meeting. 

The sun bear was fun to watch.

We almost missed the tiger. Our first glimpse of him was from a spot where you could watch the sun bears from above. He was pressed tight against a wall and you could make out a paw, but that was it. 

So then we went down and around. You could still just barely make him out, but only barely. 

Luckily for us, we got lost trying to find the pandas and had to back track. When we came back past the tiger, he was a lot closer.

The pandas were also hard to find at first. They weren't in their outside habitat. But as we started to walk away, they were let into the inside part. The best part was the baby twin pandas!

The father panda was in the other side, just chillin'.

Our city pass gave us a free ticket to ride the train. 

Last stop was the gift shop. 
For the new nephew

 Preston and Tyler

Valex & Daxsen

I found these cute tiger key chains and knew my siblings would love them. Then, because Josh had been in Moab all week, I got the thermos for my mom to thank her for watching the cats while we were both gone. 

We also stopped to take some pictures of Turner Field where the Braves play.


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Jessica said...

Love all the babies! My favorite are the pandas and the giraffes! That little giraffe has the funniest looks on his face like wondering who is going to feed him now?! ;)