Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping at Yellowpine

After the craziness of UBIC and the Fair, we decided the perfect way to relax was to go camping. We've already been twice this summer and hope to go at least two more times. 

Thursday afternoon, we were both given the opportunity to work over time on Friday. But we both decided we would rather go camping and told our employers no thank you.  By the time we got backed and headed up the mountain, the sun was quickly setting. 

 The original plan had been to go to the same spot we were at the last time, at the Rock Creek Dam campsite. Josh had to stop and get a few things, so I went ahead of him. When I got there, someone was already in our favorite spot. I looked at the other spots, but didn't love any of them; so I drove back down to the Yellowpine campground. 

The last time we were there, the campground was pretty full. We did end up in a spot we didn't mind, but this time it was pretty empty, so I stopped and looked at several. The one I choose ended up being our new favorite spot, between both of the campgrounds. The table sits back off the road a bit and the tent spot was shady.
Josh always wants to try using the dutch oven, so I had found a few new recipes to try. The first night we had Dutch Oven Enchilada Casserole.

In the past, we've usually gone fishing for part of the time. But this weekend, we just wanted to sit around and be lazy. We even moved Sage closer to us so she could relax with us. (She can't be trusted around the table when food it out.)

The second night we cooked pizza in the dutch oven. Josh did an all combo type pizza and I made a Hawaiian pizza.

We also decided to try a breakfast in the dutch oven one morning. We made Lemon Blueberry Biscuits.

Hopefully we'll be back up there again in two weeks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Races

Last weekend, Josh ran in two races. I was busy helping my uncle with his Dutch Oven Business at UBIC, so I wasn't able to go with him and get some pictures. 

The first race was Friday night. It was a 5K night run in Vernal. We actually both ended up getting home about the same time, but I could tell that Josh had a lot more fun than I did. He was COVERED in pink glitter. Some of his buddies from work had met him at the finish line and threw glitter all over him. And since he was all sweaty, it stuck really, really well. I know have glitter in our truck, my bathroom, my couch...well, pretty much every where. Josh doesn't usually stay until the end, when they announce the winners, but he was pretty sure he came in 6th place.

After just a few hours of sleep, he was up bright and early Saturday morning for the UBIC 10K race, which he ran with his sister. 

This time, he stayed long enough to see his sister finish, but then they both left. About an hour later, my friend came to let him know both he and his sister had won prizes. She thought they said Josh came in 3rd place for the men's, but she couldn't remember the reason his sister won a prize. His sister won a hat and Josh won a water bottle and t-shirt. 

So pretty much, Josh ran a 15K in roughly an 8 hour time period. I think he's nuts, but he thinks it helps him stay in better shape....for hunting season. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cats At Work - Winner, Winner, Friskies Dinner

One of my favorite Facebook Pages is Cats At Work.

Monday - Friday, the creator posts a cute meme of a cat at work. Often, she will also post a Top Fans chart. It is based on how many comments you make and how many pictures you liked during the week. I wish it also took into account how many shares, because I share all of them on my wall. I'm usually in the top 3. A few weeks ago, she gave away a prize to the top #1 fan of the week and I won! I got to choose a coffee mug. She has several cute options, but in the end I could only choose one. It arrived in the mail last night.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Camping at Upper Stillwater

Last weekend, we decided to head out of town and go camping again. I had Thursday off, but since Josh works for a Colorado based company, he had to work on the 24th. Since we were worried it would be crowded for the holiday weekend, we decided that I would head up that morning and get us a good spot. 

Sage was so excited to go, she didn't even seem to know that Josh wasn't with us. I had tried to leave her a spot in the backseat, but when I took a turn, the stuff fell on her. I decided she would have to just ride on the floor. I had to make a quick stop at the store, and when I came out, she was seating in the driver's seat! So I quickly rearranged some stuff and let her ride in the passenger seat up front.

I found us an awesome spot! It sat off of the road a bit and had a nice shady spot for the tent. Going early worked well. By the time Josh got there that night, the campground was pretty much full. I had taken up the food and other supplies, but Josh brought the tent and canopy with him. However, he forgot to leave me one of the chairs that were in the back of the truck, so I had nothing to sit on up there once the table wasn't in the shade. I sat on a rock for a while, but it wasn't that comfortable. Finally, I got out the sleeping bags, laid them in the shade and read a book until Josh got there that night.

On Friday, Melanie, Matt and the boys came up to go fishing with us. Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting. We only caught one, but he got himself off of the hook right before we got him in. But we still had fun. We saw a few water snakes and the boys had fun watching them.

On Saturday, Josh wanted to run the Longhorn Days 8 mile run. They start at the Bluebell park and then run some back roads and end at the Altamont Park. Oh, and its pretty much uphill the entire way! We had to set an alarm on my phone and get up pretty early, but he had fun.

We were disappointed to find out they weren't serving breakfast that year. We had planned on eating there, so I didn't have any extra food at camp. So we had to make a quick trip to the store before heading back to camp. Josh ran it in 1 hour and 13 minutes, which was 2 minutes quicker than last year.

Sage LOVES camping. One of her favorite parts is eating the "human" food that is left over.

We didn't have any chipmunks in our camp, but we did have a few squirrels.

Sage always digs a few holes in the ground when we go camping in that she "nests" in.

And she always buries some of her food.

She was filthy by the time we came home. She was covered in tree sap and her nose was black from all the food burying.

Our last night there, we had a moose run through camp. It wasn't actually that dark, but my camera thought it was. You can just see her to the left of our tent.

I think Sage was drained from camping. We had been home for a few hours and I looked outside to see her laying on her back.

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go again in three weeks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Josh's Day Gift

This year, we decided it was time to get a new BBQ grill. Our last one was quite large, but we decided a smaller one would be just right for us. I love that it has folding shelves on the side and a cupboard door to keep the propane in. 

Josh also wanted a smoker.

We've had them for a few weeks now, but it takes several hours to smoke something, and we just didn't have the time. Finally, on Saturday, Josh was able to smoke a chicken. It took about 5 hours, but it was so moist and delicious it was worth it.

He's pretty excited about his smoker and keeps finding recipes he wants to try, including jerky and a whole pig!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Camping at Yellowpine

Last week, we decided it was time to break out the camping supplies and escape to the mountains. We love being able to unplug from technology and escape the heat. Although, we did notice, not all campers feel that way. One night, I was sure I could hear the theme music to Mario. Sure enough, the camp across from us was playing Nintendo. 

Our home for the weekend was in Yellowpine, up near Stillwater Reservoir.

We had several chipmunks that were eager to clean up any crumbs we dropped. I didn't get a picture of them all, but there was a ton. One was HUGE, like the size of a squirrel. But he wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a picture of him.

As we were driving to a fishing spot on Friday, we spotted several turkeys. But they hid before I could get a good picture. If you look really close at the edge of the bush on the left side of the picture, you can see one of them.

We didn't catch any fish the first day, but the view was amazing.

A deer wandering through camp.

Sage LOVES camping. She will just go and go and go until she is utterly exhausted. Even when we would just walk down to the restrooms, she would have to go with us. When we started packing up to go home, she started to wine and cry. I think she wanted to stay there forever.

Our view of the super moon.

For Christmas, my dad got us a Kelly Kettle. Josh watched the videos on YouTube and was excited to try it out.

You fill it with water, start a fire in the base and then add pine cones through the top hole. It heated water super fast. It also comes with a small pan that you can cook on, but it is only big enough for one, so we didn't use it to cook. But I loved being able to have hot water within minutes. I even washed my hair one day.

We must have tied Sage to the tree this squirrel was in. It chewed us out the first morning we were there.

On Saturday, we met my sister and the boys to go fishing.

We took Valex fishing last year, but this was Daxsen's first time. They both had a blast. Daxsen was fun to watch. When he was reeling in the fish, he would just stare and concentrate on the reel.

Valex, on the other hand, would try to reel and watch the water at the same time.

Taking a break to eat.

Sage, hoping for some food to get dropped.

Tyler was a little bit older before he liked fishing, so Josh was worried Daxsen wouldn't like it. But I knew he would. He wants to do everything like his big brother. Josh tried to get them to pet a fish. At first they wouldn't, so Josh did it first. Then Valex did, so Daxsen did too.