Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cake Decorating Class: Week 2

Cake class was so much FUN this week! This week we had to bring our own frosting. I made mine Monday night and then took it to work on Tuesday and put it in the fridge. It has to be at room temperature to use it, so I pulled it out of the fridge around 2:00. When you are working with the frosting, you have to keep a damp towel over the bowl so the frosting doesn't get crusty. My frosting was in a sealed Tupperware, but I didn't know if I should use the damp towel or not. I was so stressed and worried that my frosting would be crusty when I got to class. But it was fine. You just use the damp towel when you are working with it. If it is out to reach room temperature, a sealed container is just fine.

We used the same tip we used last week. This week we learned how to do zigzag, a swirly line (I can't remember what our teacher called it), and stars.
I decided to practice my shells again, just to remember how to do them. I think I'm getting better.
This is the zigzag border. It is so much fun to do.
The wavy line is by far the easiest border to do. Especially if you are willing to forget that it should be symmetrical on both the up and down side. I guess I'll keep working on that part.
Stars were so much fun. I think they are so pretty.

This was the bear before we frosted him.
Maybe stars aren't as fun as I thought...
They were so easy on a flat surface. It was a bit more work trying to put them on a 3D cake.
Our teacher made chocolate cake so we could see our gaps. I had a lot of gaps.
But it still turned out so CUTE!
Here is every one holding their bears.
Here is a close up of every one's bears.
Jessica, Kim and I decided that we want to get a weekly apron picture.
Next week we get to learn about flowers. I can't wait.

Josh helped me eat part of the cake last night. He declared that he loves butter cream frosting and he can't wait for next weeks class.

You can learn more about Randi's cake decorating upcoming classes HERE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new purse

I finally bought a new purse. It was a bittersweet moment. I've been purseless for 2 months now. It nice to be able to carry stuff again.

Formspring Question Answered - How many kids do you want?

How many children would you have if it were up to you? What does Josh think?

I've been sitting on this question for a few weeks now.

We are in near agreement about our family size. We both want at least 2 kids, but some days I think I might want 3 kids. The factor in my wavering decision is, I want at least 1 boy and 1 girl. So if we had just 2 boys I would want to try once more for a girl. But I would stop at 3, even if they were all the same gender.

Another thing we agree on is, we want some space between each child so we can enjoy each age to the fullest. Our agency will let us renew our profile when the youngest child turns 1, but I think we will wait until they are at least 2, maybe even 3.

I guess the reason I haven't answered this question yet is because all plans of children are on hold for now. We are still in mourning and our hearts feel no where healed enough to put ourselves back out there. Right now we are focusing our lives on it just being the two of us. And right now, I am okay with that.

Ask me a question on Formspring. Also be sure to view my page there, I'm not posting all the questions and answers on my blog.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cake Decorating Class: Week 1

Tuesday was our first cake decorating class. Jessica, Kim and I are taking the class together. It was so much fun!

The first thing we learned tonight was how to feel the cupcakes. That was the easy part.

Then we learned just a fun swirl to decorate cupcakes. The first thing I learned is...I was holding the piping bag wrong. Its supposed to be at a 90 degree angle.

My first cupcake.
My second cupcake.
Everyone else only did one or two cupcakes. I was the only person that had to practice on three. But I think I finally got it in the end.
I love my face in this picture. I was concentrating so hard to get it right!
After the cupcakes we learned how to pipe shells.
This is the cake our teacher did her demonstrations on. I am so excited to know how to better frost a cake now. To smooth the frosting, she used a Viva paper towel and just gently patted it smooth. At the end of class our teacher does some drawings. I won a rotating cake board and the cake. Since Josh wasn't home this week, I took it to work the next day. Everyone wanted to know why is said The End. Because that is how our teacher showed us the two different ways to write on cake.
Class was so much fun. Every time I hang out with Jessica and Kim, I am so grateful to have them as friends.
Josh is already encouraging me to practice my new skills on a regular basis. I can make the cakes beautiful and he will make sure they get eaten.
Our teacher has a website HERE where she has some pictures from her other classes and a schedule of upcoming classes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

It was a Mother's Day of very mixed emotions for me. (Maybe I'll blog more about that on my infertility blog later this week.) The best part of the day was just being with Josh. He is so wonderful and so good too me. Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to have him in my life. This year he decided to get me a gift for Mother's Day. I usually avoid this holiday, but I'm glad he thought I deserved some love this year.

I think he found the perfect card. On the outside it says:

My wife, my friend, my love.
You mean so much to me.
On the inside it says:
"Companions and confidants,
husband and wife,
best friends and lovers,
true partners for life.
Even though its long
after our honeymoon,
you're the one who still moves me,
who completes me,
and who makes my heart soar...
You're the wife of my dreams
and the kind of mother
I wish every kid in the world could have.
My feelings for you run deep...
I love you, my beautiful partner,
and I wish you the best Mother's Day
any woman could possibly have."
He also wrote a beautiful message just for me. I really am blessed to have him. I love him so much. He is my world, my everything.
This is the necklace he bought me. That sweetheart, it is beautiful. Every day is made better just by being your wife and any trial is bearable with you by my side.

Smiles from friends

The Post Office is quickly becoming my favorite place to go. (Check out this POST to see when the love started.)
About 2 weeks ago I got a fun package in the mail from Shannon.
Love the chocolate.
Love the candle.
Love the decorative boxes.
Love the treats for the kitties.
LOVE the sign.

Today I received two more fun packages in the mail.

This one was from Joanna.

The bag is perfect for the cake decorating class I start tomorrow night to help me haul my supplies back and forth.
The lotion and lip balm smell so good.
I love the kitchen towels. (My collection has grown over the last few months, which is nice, since I don't think I've really bought new kitchen towels since our first year of marriage.)
The shopping list pad is already on my fridge, that will be so handy. I always get to the store and wish I had a list.
I can't wait to try the face mask out tonight; recently I complained to Josh that the alarm clock is too bright.
There is also some beautiful stationary and a relaxing bath ball.
I should have taken a close up shot of the magnets. They say: read this, do this, take this, eat this, or else, or suffer, or not, 'cause I say so.

The last package was from Kirsti. I love how springy it looks. She knows I have a love for sunflowers in my kitchen, but she pointed out something I have never noticed. Here is what she wrote in her card: "I love the analogy of the sunflower. How it follows the light of the sun with its head up. If we also follow our Savior with confidence, eve in our trials, we will received strength. (And be beautiful too!) Thank you so muck Kirti, I needed to be reminded of that.

Her package included lots of beautiful flower things :)

Stationary, gift bags, cards, a note holder, kitten stickers, super cute buckets, and folders (which I can't wait to put in my filing cabinet ((which I really need to organize)) ).

She made the painting herself. I LOVE IT!

I seem to spend a ton of time on the computer, so I decided to hang both of the signs right above it so I can see them often and remember their messages.
Thank you ladies, you are awesome. Your packages really came on perfect days to cheer up an otherwise icky day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sending Smiles Craft Auction

Sending smiles is holding a craft auction for the Baumgarten family. I was able to get a few items done for the auction. But more importantly, I am going to win the doll by Chrissy Lee. :) Please help spread the word, so we can help this family as their husband and father fight a brain tumor. There is a ton of cute things to bid on and all the proceeds will be donated to the Baumgarten family. You can also click on the Pay Pal button on the Sending Smiles website and make a donation. Check the auction out HERE.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whose the man!

This post is all about bragging about my man. :)

Four weeks ago Josh started a new job. The company does land surveys for the oil field companies. (These surveys are how the oil field companies keep the environmentalist happy.) He wears a cowboy shaped hard hat (I'll try to get a picture soon.)

After just eight days on the job they gave Josh a $2 raise. Even though the pay period was technically over, they still applied that raise on his very first paycheck.

Today they upgraded him from a field tech to a biologist. This means a few things. He is now the crew leader when they do their cactus surveys. He now gets to do hawk surveys and they will pay the gas. AND he just got another raise, this time it was $3!

I love you babe. Thanks for working so hard for our family. You mean the world to me and each day spent with you is better than the day before. Forever isn't long enough to spend with you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better Than Burgers (

Josh accuses me that I spend too much time on blogger. (He's probably right, but I'm not going to admit to that and let it go to his head.) To further prove his point, I just found a new recipes blog Better Than Burgers.

Better than Burgers

What is the first link I clicked on? Their giveaway. But after that I got down to serious business and checked out their desserts. Death by chocolate anyone?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Formspring question answered - Childhood memories

What are some of your favorite memories from childhood?

Here is a random sampling of the things that come right to mind.

Selling pumpkins with my dad. I always looked forward to October so we set up his stand. I think that is when I decided I wanted to be a secretary. I liked helping people pick out the perfect pumpkin and then counting back their change. But, I did not enjoy wedding said garden. I also remember a few times I would get up early and go help my dad change the water lines. It was towards the end of summer when the watermelon were ripe, so we would have that for breakfast.

I loved playing Barbie dolls. By far, my favorite thing to do growing up. :) Who knows how many late nights we stayed up playing all night. I remember my friend and I used to think that we would be old ladies, hiding in our attics, playing Barbie.

I think the funniest memory is when we went to Disney Land the first time. I remember two things about that trip. The "Its a Small World After All" ride and on the way down, the hubcap fell off of the truck and I can remember my dad looking for it on the side of the interstate.

I loved playing in the ditch by my grandparents house. When it had water in it, we would wade it in (it only was a few inches deep) and when it was dry we would make sandcastles.

The alpine slide in Park City. My mom had a friend who had a condo, or worked for a condo, I forget that detail. But we would go spend a weekend in Park City and do to the Alpine Slide. That is back when they didn't charge you per trip up the mountain, but instead you could buy a day pass and go as many times as you wanted.

We went to Lagoon every year, usually 3 or 4 times. I loved it! They used to take your picture right inside the park, and then you could have it made into a key chain where you looked inside to do the picture. We always seemed to hit the bounce back and if all of the family couldn't come the second time, we would sign our friends names instead so they could come with us.

Ask me a question on Formspring. Also be sure to view my page there, I'm not posting all the questions and answers on my blog.