Monday, October 31, 2011

Nephew Blocks

Each time we get together to make kits, I realize we could do this on our own. But its just so easy to buy them from the Idea Closet because I lack the creativity to come up with something entirely on my own.

Then a few months ago, I had an idea on my own. I have always wanted to keep a few pictures at my desk of my nephews, but because of infertility issues, I haven't. I'm proud to claim to be their aunt, but it gets hard emotionally having to explain that they aren't my kids. So I decided I needed a nephew brag board. I first thought about doing a metal one and using magnets to hang pictures, but with the way my desk is situated, I was worried I'd have to hang it in a corner of my office I don't look at often.

So I decided to make my own block kit and set it on my desk. I had no idea how I was going to get the blocks cuts, but then my friend Randi mentioned a store in Salt Lake called the Wood Connection. I told her what I had in mind, and the next time she was out there, she bought the blocks for me. I had her buy 2 sets so that eventually I can make another set for home. And as the family grows, I'll probably end up make a nieces set too.

The hardest part was finding something to hold the picture up. I know I could have used a clothes pin, but that seems tacky, and I was afraid of how much of the picture it would cover up. I asked around at several stores and finally one store had these little clear blocks with several sticks in them. I just used some wire cutters to cut the sticks off the little block and they were perfect.

I've slowly been working on these over the past few months and finally finished them up last week. Then the hardest part became choosing only a few favorite pictures. Every picture of my nephews is a favorite picture. ;)

I love how they look on my desk. I took the above picture in a different spot because the sun was shinning in my window really bad and I couldn't get a decent picture. That's why the one below isn't as good. But that is where they are on my desk where I can look at them all day long.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taste of Home Cooking Show

Each year I see the posters for the Taste of Home Cooking Show and I want to go, but then I usually forget about it. Or decided its a work night and I don't want to. Or I just don't want to go alone.

But this year I saw the poster the same day as book club. So I printed some flyers out online and took them with me to book club and talked a few of them into going. Jessica and I drove over together and met Randi, who had come with some other family members.

It was fun, but I probably won't make it a yearly event. They had a grab bag with a few magazines, some giveaways (wooden spoon, bowl scraper, magnet clips, etc), and lots of coupons. Everything they cooked came from one of the magazines. I was amazed at how many dishes they prepared, like 6 or 7 total. Through out the show they did giveaways and then at the end of the show they gave away the food on the serving platters. Jessica and I both wanted to win the square cake platter, but we didn't. :( Actually, we didn't win anything.

Jessica and I have vowed that starting now, we will be sure to always get a picture of us when we go to fun things like this. As we were driving home, we realized we didn't get a picture of us. We will be better. I LOVE girl's night out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Kits

I already have more Halloween decorations then I can use, but that didn't stop me from ordering the newest ones from the Idea Closet.

I think this is my new favorite kit of all time. And here's the shocker, I didn't switch out to to my own paper this time. As Andrew said, "be sure to take a picture, that's the first time you've used the paper it came with." And its mostly true. When I've done kits for gifts, I will sometimes use the original paper, but this is the very first time I've kept a kit for myself with the paper it came with. But really, its so CUTE!

At Swiss Days I saw a cute countdown for Halloween, and I almost bought it. Then I remembered my Christmas countdown I made last year. So I emailed Tracy at the Idea Closet and asked if she could make me the Christmas countdown, but in black & orange. On this kit, I did use my own paper, but if I had known her paper was going to be so cute, I might of asked for it.

 For a girl like me who loves Halloween so much, it does make sense to have a counter. It is getting so close!  And after much stress, I think I finally have my costume figured out, now I just need to make it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guitar clothing for Valex & Daxsen

As I mentioned in my Polka Dot Cake post, shopping on Friday was a very STRESSFUL day. I went to Provo to find the cake pop machine and a Halloween costume. After going to 15 stores for TWO things, I gave up and headed home. But then I made my detour to Park City. After buying the cake pop maker, I decided to do some therapy shopping. (I LOVE SHOPPING) I went into Old Navy and found an outfit to give Daxsen for Halloween (since he's too young to eat yet). But then I saw the CUTEST onesie with rock star stuff on it. I dug through the pile, but could only find one in Valex's size. So then I grabbed a striped one for Daxsen. But then I saw some in orange and loved them too, so I ended up buying 4 onesies along with the Halloween gift.

After leaving that store, I couldn't resist running into The Children's Place because I think they have some of the cutest clothes. Vanessa and Chris are very big into music, so I've been trying to find music type stuff for their boys. I hit the jackpot. Guitars seem to be in style right now at The Children's Place. They seriously had a ton of stuff, it was so hard to resist buying everything.

I found them these matching outfits. I've never been big into the style where pants have things on your bums, but that guitar is so cute! So, now I guess, I just don't get the style of teenagers pants that have words on the bum. Who wants to attract attention there?

 Tigers seems to be another big thing in my family so when I saw this outfit, I had to get it for Daxsen.  

Then to even it out so each boy got equal amounts of clothes, I found this outfit for Daxsen. I love the guitar on the jacket and I LOVE the onesie.  

I'm going to see my sister in a few minutes, I can't hardly wait to show her the stuff I bought. I seriously have the cutest nephews EVER.

Preston's last soccer game

Saturday was Preston's the last soccer for the year. So they started out by getting a team picture.

They also decided that since it was the last game, the parents could play too. I loved watching Preston play with his dad. 

Tyler playing with the extra balls on the sideline.

I think this is one of my favorite pics from the game. Colter is such a great dad to my nephews.

Tyler begging for a piece of gum from grandpa. Of course grandpa let him have one.


My other favorite picture.

Since it was the last game, each player got a medal at the end of the game.

Tyler throwing a two-year old tantrum for grandma. I couldn't resist getting a picture of it. 

Gaby the gourd killer

Last week a lady at work brought some of her gourds to work and left in the break room for others to take home for decoration. I took a bagful home. That night I walked in and sat the bag on the floor. Then I put the groceries in the kitchen. When I came back, this is what I found. Gaby had already dug three out of the bag and had gone in for more.

 Then she chased this one all over the front room. It made for about an hour of fun before I picked them all up and put them where she hopefully can't get them.

 Zipper also tried to get in on the fun, but Gaby kept chasing him away.

Her newest thing is to sit (and explore) on the counter while I do my hair. I know I shouldn't let her, but it seems to be the best way to keep her from climbing my legs so I let her get away with it. 

Polka Dot Cake

A while back, I saw this cute cake on Pinterest and just had to try it. Here is a LINK to the tutorial I followed to make mine.

This cake had me so stress out even before I started to make it. I needed a cake pop/donut hole machine to make the dots for inside the cake. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be hard to find. I went to 6 different stores in Provo last Friday trying to find one. Each store recommended a different store, which in turn would recommend a different store. At the end of the day, I realized it was time to admit defeat. I headed home, but stopped in Heber at their new Wal-mart to pick up a few things. I found a clerk and asked her about the machine. She knew they didn't have it, but she was pretty sure she had seen it in a store in Park City. Park City was NOT on my home, but I decided I had come so far that I needed to go that extra 30ish mins (one way) out of my way and check. Hallelujah, they had it and it was even on sale! I then completed my trip in Park City by buying some of the cutest Rock Star type outfits I have ever seen for Valex & Daxsen. I can't wait to see them tonight and give them their new clothes.

I haven't used Fondant since the class I took a year ago, so I decided it was time to try fondant on a cake. Yesterday was boss' day so I took it to work. I also had some left over batter from my cake balls, so I made a dozen cupcakes too.

By the time I got to my cupcakes, I was tired, so I didn't frost them any special way. Just slapped some frosting on them and sprinkled with some sprinkles. I know I can do better, but at the moment I just didn't care. I have some cute books with ideas, but each one needed items that I didn't have on hand.

I think I did pretty good with the fondant, given I haven't used it on my own ever. Hopefully next time I can do even better. 

The other highlight of my trip was the Day's Market grocery store in Heber. I swear they are the best store ever and I wish they would relocate closer to home. They were my first stop of the day because I was hoping they would have the cake pop maker. (I've seen the mini cupcake maker there before). Sadly they didn't have the machine, but that didn't stop me from buying a bunch of other stuff. I got some paper plates, napkins and confetti for my upcoming party. Then I also got some cute candy corn decorations, a light up pumpkin, new kitchen towels and Spider salt & pumpkin shakers. I can NOT wait for my party.