Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Breakfast

This year the weather was nice, so we went up to Rock Creek for the semi annual family breakfast. It was GORGEOUS. I only took a few pictures because I was too busy visiting with everyone.

Everyone took a hike up to the dam while. As Krista said, "its like being on top of the world!" Of course, that is when it started to rain.

The kids had a blast riding the Wiggle Racers down a small hill. I was so impressed at how well they behaved at taking turns. 

While breakfast is cooking, they warm up water for hot chocolate. I loved how all the kids lined up for their own cup. This was probably the most peaceful moment during the morning. We knew where each kid was because they were drinking their hot chocolate.

I thought Tyler had fallen asleep....

but he was just watching for ants to squish.

I always eat too much at these breakfasts. To me, this is better then Thanksgiving. Now to just wait six months until our next breakfast.

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