Monday, October 10, 2011

Pampered Chef Party

October is my favorite time of year, so I try to find many ways to celebrate it. This year, I decided to host a Pampered Chef Party. I have spent the last 6 weeks pouring over my Taste of Home Halloween magazines and my menu kept growing. Part of the Pampered Chef Party is that you make a dish, but I still wanted to serve some fun Halloween dishes. At first I was only going to make the pretzel pumpkin grahams, but then I remembered my cake plate. So I decided to make something to go on it. Then I remembered my spider dish, so I had to make something to go in it.

For punch, I made Spooky Citrus Punch. It was so good!

The chocolate bars I had my Pampered Chef Consultant make. They taste a lot like an Almond Joy bar, only better.

Somehow, I only took picture of my nephews at the party, but none of the other guest. :) Sorry friends, I guess that means they are cuter. I also had to get a picture of them each wearing Halloween shirts I gave to them a few weeks ago. It melted my heart how cute they each looked.

I had to get a picture of Barb holding these two. The older child, Tyler is her grandson. When she decided to hold my sister's baby, he was a little concerned. When his grandma got up to pass the baby on, he was right at her elbow so his grandma wouldn't forget him.

Daxsen in his Halloween outfit.

Valex in his Halloween shirt. He had just looked outside at Zipper. He is so CUTE!

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Jessica said...

I loved what you had MeriLynne make at your party, but everything was so good including the Goblin's Punch!