Monday, October 10, 2011

Josh's Elk Hunt

I love October because it means Halloween is here. Josh loves October because it means time for hunting season. He has been like a little kid. Each day he would text his brother telling him how many more days until elk season.

The elk season opened on Saturday, so Josh and his brother hiked in on Friday so they could camp overnight. This plan was made months in advance, so long before the weather turned cold. I thought when we saw snow in the mountains, two days before, they would change their minds. But not these die hard hunters. They still hiked in on Friday.
Saturday morning they woke up to more snow and fog.

A picture of their camp.

I'm so glad their hard efforts paid off. Josh shot his elk Saturday morning.

They hiked out with just the head (the important part) on Saturday. Then on Sunday they rode the horses in and brought the rest out. I'm so proud of my husband and how he works to take care of his family. And I love how excited he gets about hunting.

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Jessica said...

Their "camp" picture is so ridiculous for that cold weather! True hunters, I guess!