Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guitar clothing for Valex & Daxsen

As I mentioned in my Polka Dot Cake post, shopping on Friday was a very STRESSFUL day. I went to Provo to find the cake pop machine and a Halloween costume. After going to 15 stores for TWO things, I gave up and headed home. But then I made my detour to Park City. After buying the cake pop maker, I decided to do some therapy shopping. (I LOVE SHOPPING) I went into Old Navy and found an outfit to give Daxsen for Halloween (since he's too young to eat yet). But then I saw the CUTEST onesie with rock star stuff on it. I dug through the pile, but could only find one in Valex's size. So then I grabbed a striped one for Daxsen. But then I saw some in orange and loved them too, so I ended up buying 4 onesies along with the Halloween gift.

After leaving that store, I couldn't resist running into The Children's Place because I think they have some of the cutest clothes. Vanessa and Chris are very big into music, so I've been trying to find music type stuff for their boys. I hit the jackpot. Guitars seem to be in style right now at The Children's Place. They seriously had a ton of stuff, it was so hard to resist buying everything.

I found them these matching outfits. I've never been big into the style where pants have things on your bums, but that guitar is so cute! So, now I guess, I just don't get the style of teenagers pants that have words on the bum. Who wants to attract attention there?

 Tigers seems to be another big thing in my family so when I saw this outfit, I had to get it for Daxsen.  

Then to even it out so each boy got equal amounts of clothes, I found this outfit for Daxsen. I love the guitar on the jacket and I LOVE the onesie.  

I'm going to see my sister in a few minutes, I can't hardly wait to show her the stuff I bought. I seriously have the cutest nephews EVER.

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