Monday, October 10, 2011

Corn Maize

After my Pampered Chef Party, we decided to go to the Corn Maize with Andrew & Jessica. They go ever year at night. We had never been in the dark, so I was excited. (On a side note, I was also excited to learn that my old winter coat fits now that I've lost all this weight.) We bought our hot chocolate and glow sticks and were off.

A picture at the top of the bridge.

I was trying to get a picture of the near full moon while looking through the corn husks. I wish my pictures had turned out better, the moon looked so cool.

Right before I took this picture, we were joking that he was going to break his string and his glow stick would fly into the corn. Right as I clicked the picture, his string broke and his glow stick flew into the corn. Luckily it didn't go far, so it wasn't hard to find.

Andrew was guide. We would stop at most splits so he could study the little map that comes on a postcard. 

It was a great night. We had TONS of fun and can't wait for next year.

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Jessica said...

So glad we could go together!