Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taste of Home Cooking Show

Each year I see the posters for the Taste of Home Cooking Show and I want to go, but then I usually forget about it. Or decided its a work night and I don't want to. Or I just don't want to go alone.

But this year I saw the poster the same day as book club. So I printed some flyers out online and took them with me to book club and talked a few of them into going. Jessica and I drove over together and met Randi, who had come with some other family members.

It was fun, but I probably won't make it a yearly event. They had a grab bag with a few magazines, some giveaways (wooden spoon, bowl scraper, magnet clips, etc), and lots of coupons. Everything they cooked came from one of the magazines. I was amazed at how many dishes they prepared, like 6 or 7 total. Through out the show they did giveaways and then at the end of the show they gave away the food on the serving platters. Jessica and I both wanted to win the square cake platter, but we didn't. :( Actually, we didn't win anything.

Jessica and I have vowed that starting now, we will be sure to always get a picture of us when we go to fun things like this. As we were driving home, we realized we didn't get a picture of us. We will be better. I LOVE girl's night out.

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Jessica said...

Had so much fun with you even though we didn't get a pic!