Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diaper Tractor Cake

Last week, my sister in-law asked me to help her make a tractor diaper cake for her husband's new nephew. I told her how hard it was to find green blankets for the one we made, so she decided to make a red tractor instead. But it still proved hard to find blankets to use. 

We thought about it and decided to use onesies instead. I actually liked them a lot more than using the blankets. We found some Mickey Mouse outfits, so we could know the red would match for the two levels. We filled the bottom one with two rows of diapers and the top one with just one row, so there would be a seat for the stuffed animal. We faced the front side down, so you couldn't see the picture and wrapped it in ribbon to hold it in place.

Solar Eclispe

Last week, my coworker's were all excited to see the solar eclipse. At the peak time, we went outside with two pieces of paper. We put a pinhole in the center of the first one and held it up. We held the second one below it and were able to see the silhouette of the moon. It was pretty cool.

After we went back inside, I realized I knew where I could find a welder's hood. I went out to the warehouse and borrowed one of theirs. It was even cooler thru the hood.

I also have to share this gorgeous dahlia flower that Susan gave me.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Corn Maize with the Nephews

This weekend, we went to the Bluebell Corn Maize with most of our nephews.
Our group included myself, Josh, my mom, sister and her boys, Melanie, Colter and their boys and Colter's sister. I was sad that Colt wasn't there, but I guess he is a little young. 

My family got their first, so we played in the court yard. Last year, Daxsen had no fear. But this year, he got to the top of the slide and changed his mind. So my mom went with him. After that, he was fine.

Feeding the goats. Daxsen dropped most of his food pellets on the ground, but the goats still enjoyed licking his hands.

After everyone was there, we headed into the corn maize.

The boys got tired, so they hitched a ride.

My all time favorite photo last year was with the nephews at the corn maize. So I tried to duplicate it. But I showed have used a different photographer. Josh forgets the camera has a zoom button and didn't tell me that it was hard to see some faces around the bars.

Nevertheless, I will treasure this picture for the next 12 months.

After the maize, we took Vanessa's boys to the pumpkin patch. (Preston and Tyler are getting their pumpkins from their grandma this year.)

I told each boy I would buy them a large pumpkin and a small pumpkin.

Daxsen did NOT want to look at the camera and smile.

I love this age and the faces they make when you tell them to smile.

Waiting for the tractor to come back and pick us up. While we were waiting, Daxsen decided a little girl had a better pumpkin then he did. He set his down and then took hers. I've heard it said several times that the terrible two's are nothing compared to the terrible, horrible three's. He is living proof of that.

By this point, it was past their nap time, but Valex really wanted to ride the cow train before they went home.

After they left, Tyler and Preston talked Colter and Josh into doing "Friendly Fire" with them. Its a like paintball, but they use Nerf balls instead. Josh said the boys said they would be teams. Colter and Preston vs Josh and Tyler. But as soon as they stepped in, all was forgotten and both boys turned on their dad and uncle.

It was a blast and this is quickly becoming another one of my favorite traditions and another reason October is my favorite time of the year.

I also have to brag about what Valex and Daxsen made for me. Their mom took them on a walk and they collected leaves and then made these cute pictures for me. We just upgraded to an upright freezer (vs. a chest freezer) and I was thrilled to have something to hang on it.