Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bluebell Corn Maize

Last night, we hung out with Andrew & Jessica. We started by trying the new restaurant, Red Gravy. It was pretty good. After dinner, we headed to the Bluebell Corn Maize.  

Josh & I purposely skipped dessert because we had our heart set on kettle corn. But when we got there, they were out and weren't making anymore for the night! So we had some hot cocoa and a caramel apple. 

Not far into the corn maze, Josh found a small bag of kettle corn on the ground. The bag had a small hole in it, so I made him throw it back onto the ground. Not 5 steps later, he found a 2nd small bag. This one looked in perfect condition, so he ate it. We spent the night calling it his nasty, ground corn. But it must have been good because he ate the entire bag before we finished the first maze. 

We had a blast. I usually go during the day, so I forget how different it is at night. Hopefully, I'll be able to go again with the nephews later this month. 

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Jessica said...

The nasty, ground corn comment just made me laugh again. That was too funny! Glad we got to go with you guys!