Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nephews Halloween Shirts 2014

Buying Halloween shirts for my nephews is still my favorite tradition. This year, I got 2 shirts for each nephew. 

For Colt:

I had a problem with my order and one of Tyler's shirts didn't show up. I hurried and ordered a 2nd one, but couldn't wait to give them their shirts. So I gave them each one on Sunday. Preston's is on the left, Tyler's on the right:

When the other shirt got here on Tuesday, I took it over after work. Tyler's is on the left, Preston's is on the right. It was perfect timing because Tyler was supposed to wear orange to school the next day. 

For Valex:

For Daxsen:

 Tonight, I got my own surprise. Preston & Tyler found some Halloween bracelets. They picked out one for their mom and then one for their aunt Savannah. I love it!

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Jessica said...

How sweet that they picked one out for you too!