Thursday, June 16, 2016

Valex's Birthday Card

The card I mailed to Valex for his birthday. He was with his dad that day, so he actually got it the next day. 

I'm not sure which is the most exciting. Getting mail or that it comes with money inside. Either way, he was a happy kid!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Valex's 6th Birthday

Since Valex asked for a dinosaur cake, I decided to get him a few dinosaur toys. The three smaller ones went with the cake. The one in the box was pretty cool. It roars and walks! We may or may not have used it a few times to scare the cats. 

Josh thought he was leaning out of the picture frame. But I still had to post this picture because Daxsen's face cracks me up! 

I love these two boys so much!

Playing with the trucks from grandpa & grandma Susan.

Another great face from Daxsen!

Dinosaur Cake

When Vanessa asked Valex what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he said "A dinosaur cake. Like the scary movie you watched mom." (He saw her watching Jurassic Park one night.)

So even though I have a cute dinosaur pan, I decided I better do something different that could count as movie quality scary. 

I've been working hard to finish the summer semester early, so I decided to go with a simpler idea. I found some cute toys and then just went with a basic landscape. I made the trail with graham cracker crumbs and then used varies chocolate candies to make rocks (raisinets, whoppers & large whoppers).

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Over the last year, I have found a new love.

I'm not talking about Blue. (But yes, I did fall in love with him over the last year too.)

I'm talking about the products behind him. (Which I should mention have more than tripled since I took this picture.)

I'm talking about Younique cosmetics & skin care.

Yes, this girl, who didn't even wear makeup to her own wedding, has finally discovered the beauty of makeup. 

It started slowly. 

At first, all I used was their 3D Fbiberlash mascara. But after having my eyes go from blah to WOW, I was hooked. 

I started to play with the eye makeup, but only in the neutral colors.

Then I tried the liquid foundation. (More like photoshop in a bottle!) 

After that, there really was no looking back. 

 This spring, I realized I love these products so much, I might as well get paid to buy my own makeup, so I signed up as a Younique Presenter. How could I say no to a 20% commission on all my purchases, paid within hours of the order being placed? 

Really, the better question was why did it take me over a year to realize this??

But then I couldn't stop there. 

I want to share these amazing products! So I decided to sell them to my family and friends. I even invested in building an inventory so I could provide faster service to my customers.  (This is where I should mention, within a month, I had reached the next level and was earning 25% commission.)

Through this I have found a few things. 

I have made some amazing new friends. 

I've also learned that I love color on my eyes. Not just neutral browns and creams, but blue, green, and purple! I have loved trying so many new looks. Josh has loved it too. I didn't think he would notice something like that, but just the other day he told me he loved the blue on my eyes. And he asked when I was going to wear the purple lip color again

I have loved finding my inner confidence. I really struggle with my body image. But when I have my makeup on, I feel like I can conquer the world. And I feel like I want to take better care of my body. I love feeling beautiful.

And I have learned... I LOVE red lipstick! 

I could go on and on about these products. Or about how I love throwing home parties and online parties! (Please book a party, I have so many fun ideas I can't wait to try.)

 I was never going to be that girl, I didn't think I had time. Turns out, I just had to find a product I could love and stand behind 110%. (Now, if I could just better figure out how to take a selfie without taking 500 photos just to get one good one.)

I put off spending the $99 to join, but I wish I hadn't. It was the best money I ever spent, no, INVESTED in myself. 

I would love to share this love with you. We can host a party so you can earn free products. Or I really need to practice make overs if you don't mind being my test dummy. Or you can just place an order on my website: