Sunday, June 12, 2016

Valex's 6th Birthday

Since Valex asked for a dinosaur cake, I decided to get him a few dinosaur toys. The three smaller ones went with the cake. The one in the box was pretty cool. It roars and walks! We may or may not have used it a few times to scare the cats. 

Josh thought he was leaning out of the picture frame. But I still had to post this picture because Daxsen's face cracks me up! 

I love these two boys so much!

Playing with the trucks from grandpa & grandma Susan.

Another great face from Daxsen!

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Jessica said...

Love that you used the dinosaur to scare your cats a few times! Haha! Josh trying to lean out of that picture is what cracks me up! They are such cute boys and it looks like Valex had a fun party. :)