Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotlight and a Giveaway

Right now we are in the city attending the FSA National Conference. WOW!!! It has been amazing so far. We have heard some incredible stories, met some awesome people and met some of my wonderful online friends. I will do a full recap when we get back home.

But I do have to take a moment to highlight our adoption story. Recently I made a new friend and today she did a spotlight of us on her blog, We are all mothers. Check it out HERE. She is even sponsoring a giveaway! I figured with that kind of publicity I should try to match her offer, but since I can'tmake cute stuff like that my readers will have to settle for something less. I'm not sure what the prize will be since this was a last minute decision, but I'll try to make it good.

Here's the rules:
Since I am busy with the conference and don't have time to post our story here, check our story out HERE. Leave a comment here for one entry.

Christine is offering more chances to win if you will do a post about us on your own blogs. So blog about us and then leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win her prize and then another comment here for a chance to win my not yet thought of prize.

When you blog about us be sure to leave a link to our adoption blog,

I hope I haven't confused anyone yet. The contest will run until Wednesday night. I'll post the winner on Thursday (or Friday if I get busy and need to still figure out my prize...).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Fishing Pictures

Since I was busy catching all the fish last weekend I didn't get a lot of pictures, but Barbara did. I finally got her to bring her memory card over so I could download her picutres. Which was actually a big task, her camera got wet last week and we didn't know if we could get the pictures. The sad news is the camera won't turn on anymore, but the good news is the picutres are all still there! To view the pictures from my camera, click HERE.

Aunt Savannah and Preston caught the first fish!

Fishing buddies for life.

Another fish!

Grandpa and Preston caught a fish.
Look, a crabbit!

Let's catch another one!

I would cast out and then hold the pole while Preston "rolled" them in. Every time he saw the little fish hook he would think we had a fish.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camping in Granddaddy Basin

See & Do #5
Take a Hike
*Warning, a person should be in MUCH BETTER SHAPE before strapping a 50+ pound pack on their back and hiking 16 miles in 2 days!
*Puppies seem to have an endless supply of energy, never tire, and think you are not moving fast enough.
See & Do #99
Visit the Granddaddies
We stopped at Besty Lake for lunch.
We choose to camp at Palisade Lake since Granddaddy lake was so busy.
It was gorgeous.
Josh spent several years working for the Forest Service. He would spend a week in the mountains and then come home for a few days and brag about how beautiful it was. After 8 years of marriage he finally took me up to one of those places.
It was an adventurous trip to say the least. We were in no way prepared for the hike. I was out of breath ten minutes into the hike (it took us 8 hours to reach camp). About 20 minutes into the hike I asked Josh to leave me to rest (die). He hiked to the top of the mountain, dropped his pack and came back for me. I'm not kidding when I brag that I have the most wonderful husband ever! After Josh had took off to get to the top, I had to stop and retie my shoes. A family passed me, and apparently they always stayed within hearing distance to make sure I was okay. When Josh passed them on his way back to get my pack the family mentioned I wasn't too much farther. They asked if I was okay and Josh told them this was my first time backpacking. The wife said he was mean. But since he took my pack up the rest of the mountain, I have to disagree.
Unfortanetly, the top of the mountain wasn't anywhere near camp, it was just the hardest part. I had to strap my pack back on and we continued on. We stopped for lunch at Besty lake and had a nice rest.
We got to camp that night about 4:00. We did some fishing and ate dinner. Sage was such a good dog. She could just go and go and never seem to get tired. But when we finally set up camp, she crashed. She woke up to help me eat dinner and then went back to sleep. Before bed we shortened her chain so she wouldn't scratch on the tent.
At about 1:00 in the morning I needed a bathroom break. I went to the same rock I had used earlier. About halfway through, I had a startled jump because Sage licked me. It didn't register that she shouldn't have reached me...
At about 5:00 Josh took a potty break (without any licking incidents). Sage beat him to the tent. That is when he realized her chain had broke. So she slept with us for a few hours. She was in heaven! I'm pretty sure that when she gets to Heaven she will declare this weekend was the best time of her life.
We had planned to stay longer, but the bugs were bad and the neighboring camps were crowded, large, and rowdy. So we started to a different lake, closer toward the truck, but when we got there we decided our temperpedic mattress sounded heavenly so we continued on out. I may have cried from the pain a few times. We had fun, but we will not be going back until we are in better shape.
Here's a slideshow of the pictures we took. Sorry they aren't in very good order. We took all three cameras and I'm too lazy to rearrage them how I like.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You never fail me

I'm a little late, but I am finally reading the Harry Potter Series (I'm only 2 years behind everyone else). I was waiting for the last book to come out in paperback. I just started book seven, and I can't wait to see how things turn out.Since I was on (I love you so much!!!), I purchased a few other items. Like I could stop at one!

This is my favorite book from my childhood, well more like my little brother's childhood. I used to read it to him ALL THE TIME. I can still quote the first two pages... "A told B and B told C, I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree. Whee, said D to E, F, G. I'll beat you to the top of the coconut tree. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, will there be enough room?"
Then I saw they did another book and I had to get it. It's pretty cute (except long hair 70, he's kind of scary.)

I also purchased this bath pillow. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it makes the tub a little more comfortable. I also ordered the prize for my giveaway. I am so excited!!! But I'm trying to decide when to do it. We have some busy weekends planned so I'm still not sure when it will be, but keep checking back.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


#31 See & Do
Go Fishing
Today we went fishing with Josh's family at Big Sandwash Reservoir.
The whole point of the trip was to help Preston catch his first fish...and guess who helped him.
I helped him catch three fish (because I'm the best, or just have good luck), and he caught another fish with his daddy and with his grandpa.
Josh wanted to catch more crawdads (which Preston calls crabbits, so now we all call them crabbits...). Unfortunately the water has gone down, way down. As in like maybe 10 feet. We thought we would have to worry about Preston in the water, but instead we had to worry about keeping him off the edge of the cliffs. But Josh was determined to catch some "crabbits" so each time one was on the line he would climb down this boulder to get them. He spent most of his time doing that. The rest of the his time he spent untangling hooks and lines. He will be such an awesome father some day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

16 and Pregnant

MTV has a series called "16 and Pregnant." I just found out that I can watch last nights episode on line. Last night the couple choose to make an adoption plan. If you have 45 minutes go HERE and watch it.

Here are some of my thoughts as I watched it.

I love how when they get to the agency they immediately talk about having an open adoption with continue communication. That is something new in the adoption world, and I don't think many people understand that after an adoption you can keep contact with the birth parents. Thank you for letting the world know it is possible.

I love how Tyler stands up to his dad and declares that his child deserves better than what they have. I love how Tyler is putting his child before himself. What selfless love these two have for their little girl. I love how they realize that this child will need more than love to do well in this world.

I loved watching them meet their birth parents. I know that someday we will get to do that, but I am so nervous. I also loved how they continued to get to know each other. I love that Tyler and Catelynn made their little girl a scrapbook, what a great idea!

Tyler's letter! I can't stop crying. I have been so impressed by Tyler. What an outstanding young man.

I wish their parents would have been more supportive. How sad for Tyler and Catelynn. The fact that they went through with their plan speaks volumes of how mature they really are, unlike their parents who threw immature tantrums and tried guilt trips.

I am so heart broken from them. Especially that Catelynn thought it would be easier if she never saw her little girl. I'm so glad she changed her mind and held her little girl.

I have mixed feelings about their case worker. She was so awesome in the beginning, helping them find a family and giving them so much support. But then in the delivery room she seemed kind of pushy. I realize the adoptive couple is waiting outside, but they will get this little girl for the rest of their lives. Catelynn and Tyler should be able to have some time to themselves so give this girl all their love.

Unfortunately the hateful comments have started. Please go leave these wonderful people some positive love.

Lessons Learned

I was just listening to Pandora Radio and this song by Carrie Underwood came on.
Lessons Learned
There's some things that I regret,
Some words I wish had gone unsaid,
Some starts,
That had some better endings,
Been some bad times I've been through,
Damage I cannot undo.
Some things,
I wish I could do all all over again,
But it don't really matter,
When life gets that much harder,
It makes you that much stronger,
Oh, some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were,
Lessons learned.
And every tear that had to fall from my eyes,
And everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night,
Every change, life has thrown me,
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart,
I'm grateful, for every scar,
Some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned.
There's mistakes that I have made,
Some chances I just threw away,
Some roads,
I never should have taken,
Been some signs I didn't see,
Hearts that I hurt needlessly,
Some wounds,
That I wish I could have one more chance to mend,
But it don't make no difference,
The past can't be rewritten,
You get the life you're given,
Oh, some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were,
Lessons learned.
And every tear that had to fall from my eyes,
And everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night,
Every change, life has thrown me,
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart,
I'm grateful, for every scar,
Some pages turned,Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned.
And all the things that break you,
Are the things that make you strong!
You can't change the past,
Cause it's gone.
And you just gotta move on,
Because it's all Lessons learned.
And every tear that had to fall from my eyes,
From everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night,
From every change, life has thrown me.
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart,
I'm grateful, for every scar,
Some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned,
Oh, some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I must get to the bookstore!

Do I contradict myself by offering to sell books, and then follow that up with a post about some books I HAVE TO OWN?

While I was browsing the Internet trying to find links to all of my books for sale, I found that two of my favorite authors have new books out.

Betsy Brannon Green, what can I say except, I have been hooked to her books since "Hearts in Hiding." I'm so excited to see she has a new book out.

If I had to choose my favorite book that wasn't written by Marcia Lynn McClure it would be "Counting Stars," the first book my Michelle Paige Holmes. I couldn't put the book down. It made me laugh and cry. I will be on the bookstore's door first thing in the morning to buy her newest book.
Now the trick will be to walk in and purchase JUST THESE TWO BOOKS! That is a big task for me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Baby Boutique

My friend Meka has started a store for her incredibly cute baby hair bows, flowers, and other accessories. I know I could make this kind of stuff, but I keep buying when I need them because it's easier. I'll have to start buying from her because her prices are awesome!

See, sometimes I do blog highlights just because I like them, not because I want to win something.

Update on my own giveaway, I ordered something today from (because we all know how much I LOVE them!) that I plan to use in an upcoming contest.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adoption Voices

There is a new website for EVERYONE involved in adoption. Its like Facebook, but for adoption. They have groups for couples looking to adopt, birth parents, adoptees, all sorts of groups. You can check it out at Adoption Voices. Don't forget to add me as a friend!

See & Do Details

A few of my faithful followers have asked about the "See & Do" that Josh and I are participating in. It is sponsored by our local newspaper. They have gone through the three counties and made a list of 101 Things to See & Do in our area. The rules are that you see & do as many things as possible on the list. To prove you did them you have to either have a receipt or a picture, both with dates. The contest goes from June 16th to September 30th. It includes a wide variety of things. Some our schedules events, like town celebrations. Others are more complicated like climb King's Peak. Then they have simple things, like enjoying a snow cone, sunset, and fireworks.

When we first got our booklet, I thought it would be a great thing to do because we would be able to get more pictures of us and use them in our adoption profile. The prizes sound awesome, but I really don't know if we will win. The book was supposed to come out around June 1st, but they have publication problems and had to push it back which meant push the start date back also. When we got the book a few of the celebrations were that weekend, and we couldn't fit them into our schedule. Then I got sick, and we missed out on a few more things.

After we missed yet another thing this weekend (we were exhausted from our yard sale) and due to the fact that some of the activities are about 2 hours from home, we have decided we won't do this to win, but we are going to continue on with the list and accomplish as much as we can. We have had so much fun so far. Pelican Lake has been our favorite so far.

To the nice person who complimented my shirts, THANK YOU! I love clothes shopping, and my favorite place is The Dress Barn. I would make the store my closet if I could.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


#101 See & Do
Taste the rainbow The last thing on the See & Do list is to eat a snow cone. We usually do this several times a summer so it was an easy thing to knock off the list. When we asked the girl to take our picture she said that several people have had her to that, so a lot of people must be trying to do the list this summer.

Fishing at Sandwash Reservoir

Before our yard sale yesterday, we decided to get up early (before the sun) and go fishing. But the early rise was worth it, just to watch the sunrise. We ended up only having one fishing pole so we took turns. Josh did catch a bigger fish, but it fell off the line while I was getting the camera out. Later he caught this little guy. We threw him back and told him to grow big for next year.
I got the biggest fish of the day.
We thought the mountains looked pretty so we took another picture.

Yard Sale

This weekend we had a yard sale at my mom's house to raise some money for our adoption. We made about $350 dollars. I would have liked to have made more, but the week before I kept having nightmares that we would only raise $30 so I guess we did pretty good. We only had my clothes, but they sold pretty good. One lady actually thanked me for once being her size. I thought my books would sell better than they did. I only asked $5 and I thought that was a deal since they are about $12 new. Josh couldn't believe I sold some books, but I would rather be a mother than have a large book collection. Besides, I kept my absolute favorites (which is still a TON of books). My family donated quite a few things to the yard sale. Thank you so much! My mom even sold her trampoline and donated the money to us.
My brother likes to tease his cat. His torment on Friday was to have a sign taped to him. He wasn't sure what to think about it. John said he wouldn't really sell him, not even for $200, but I would have! Well, maybe not, but only if the offer had been a lot of money.