Monday, July 13, 2009

See & Do Details

A few of my faithful followers have asked about the "See & Do" that Josh and I are participating in. It is sponsored by our local newspaper. They have gone through the three counties and made a list of 101 Things to See & Do in our area. The rules are that you see & do as many things as possible on the list. To prove you did them you have to either have a receipt or a picture, both with dates. The contest goes from June 16th to September 30th. It includes a wide variety of things. Some our schedules events, like town celebrations. Others are more complicated like climb King's Peak. Then they have simple things, like enjoying a snow cone, sunset, and fireworks.

When we first got our booklet, I thought it would be a great thing to do because we would be able to get more pictures of us and use them in our adoption profile. The prizes sound awesome, but I really don't know if we will win. The book was supposed to come out around June 1st, but they have publication problems and had to push it back which meant push the start date back also. When we got the book a few of the celebrations were that weekend, and we couldn't fit them into our schedule. Then I got sick, and we missed out on a few more things.

After we missed yet another thing this weekend (we were exhausted from our yard sale) and due to the fact that some of the activities are about 2 hours from home, we have decided we won't do this to win, but we are going to continue on with the list and accomplish as much as we can. We have had so much fun so far. Pelican Lake has been our favorite so far.

To the nice person who complimented my shirts, THANK YOU! I love clothes shopping, and my favorite place is The Dress Barn. I would make the store my closet if I could.

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