Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotlight and a Giveaway

Right now we are in the city attending the FSA National Conference. WOW!!! It has been amazing so far. We have heard some incredible stories, met some awesome people and met some of my wonderful online friends. I will do a full recap when we get back home.

But I do have to take a moment to highlight our adoption story. Recently I made a new friend and today she did a spotlight of us on her blog, We are all mothers. Check it out HERE. She is even sponsoring a giveaway! I figured with that kind of publicity I should try to match her offer, but since I can'tmake cute stuff like that my readers will have to settle for something less. I'm not sure what the prize will be since this was a last minute decision, but I'll try to make it good.

Here's the rules:
Since I am busy with the conference and don't have time to post our story here, check our story out HERE. Leave a comment here for one entry.

Christine is offering more chances to win if you will do a post about us on your own blogs. So blog about us and then leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win her prize and then another comment here for a chance to win my not yet thought of prize.

When you blog about us be sure to leave a link to our adoption blog,

I hope I haven't confused anyone yet. The contest will run until Wednesday night. I'll post the winner on Thursday (or Friday if I get busy and need to still figure out my prize...).

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Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

Hi Savannah~ Glad you are loving the conference! We have never been - I would love to attend sometime. This year we are crazy busy right now. :) I loved reading your story! I know you will make a fabulous mom! I also wanted to tell you thanks for the blog award. I am hoping next week I can update our blog & be caught up. I am also still thinking about what to make you for that craft post from forever ago. :) ~Carlie