Sunday, August 2, 2009

FSA Conference

It was an AWESOME weekend. This weekend we went to the city to attend the National Families Supporting Adoption Conference. It is the only thing that Josh will willing go to the city for (even without a trip to Cabela's).
This was the 3rd year for us. We love it so much. For two days we get to surround ourselves with other couples in the adoption world. Couples who have adopted and couples who are still trying to adopt. There is no place I would rather be.

This year was extra specail to me this year because I had so many friends. Our first year we were still working on our paperwork and we didn't know anyone. Last year we seemed to fit in better, but we still didn't really know anyone.

Then I joined and started blogging. What a great way to make friends! I tried to get pictures with everyone I knew, but I still missed out on a few people. They were presenters and national board memebers and I know they were super busy. Thank you for putting your time and your efforts into this years conference. It was wonderful.

Brenda (from Utah)
She puts together the Matching Monday each week.

Jessica (from Utah)
Josh and Andrew
I hope their profile will be done soon so I can link it on my blog. That was the downfall of the new itsaboutlove website. Those of us with profiles on the old website had to start all over again. Not fun!

Elizabeth (from Texas)Check out their adoption profile.
Elizabeth, Mrs. R. , Savannah
The other highlight of my weekend was I got to hold THREE different babies. Someone mentioned the nursery was a little hectic so I went to help out for a while where I held a little guy for about an hour. When his dad came to get him he apolgized for his sons slobber, but I was in heaven so a little slobber didn't hurt anything.

I also got to hold both of these little cuties. They were both born on the same day and got to meet for the first time on Saturday. I'm holding Eden and standing next to her mom Meka (she runs the Beautiful Baby Boutique). They are from Nevada. Next to her is Elizabeth holding her little girl Elora. Josh has the biggest crush on her, he thinks she has the cutest, chubbiest, baby cheeks ever. They are from Illinois.

Dinner the first night (we defienately don't attend these things for the food).

2ofus4now group picture. I hope we didn't miss out on anyone else from the group. We had so much fun together.

Elizabeth, Nicole, Savannah Brittany.
Beth andNicole have both adopted in the last year, but check out Brittany's online profile

I'm not sure what we are laughing about, but it must have been funny! I think this is a special picture because infertility has been such a huge, depressing, part of our lives and yet we are all happy.

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