Monday, August 17, 2009

Family reunion

This weekend we went to Josh's family reunion. It was so much fun!
I went up on Thursday and help set up camp. Dinner was hobo dinners. I am not a fan of those normally, but with Steve & Jeff cooking I should have known I would actually like hobo dinners this time. Jeff's girls help season them, so were really good and some were a little potent. Josh was able to come up for dinner and then went back home so he could work on Friday. Since I was all alone, I was invited to sleep in the big tent with everyone one else. I should have slept there all week, it had a stove that kept us all toasty warm.

Every day was filled with walks, bike rides, eating, and lots of family fun. Josh was able to come up Friday night and stay until Sunday evening. Once again I was able to sleep in the big tent on Sunday night. I'm so glad I married into this family!

We did have some rain storms. It rained Thursday & Friday night right about bedtime and then again for a few hours Saturday morning. I had the best time during the Saturday storm rocking Konner to sleep and then taking a nap with him.

On Sunday we were able to get in a few games of Hookie Six. It wouldn't be a family gathering if we didn't play that!

We ate and ate until I thought I would pop. Next time you have smores, put some caramel sauce on the crackers. We also had dutch oven lasagna (meaty & veggie), lots of pancakes, french toast (with homemade bread), roasted chickens over soda pops, and my personal favorite, dutch oven pizzas.

I took just short of 200 pictures between my two cameras. Hopefully everyone else there will get me their pictures soon, so I can add them too.

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Brady and Richelle said...

did your bacon work???? you're SOOOOOOOO lucky you didn't do mail today--I've never seen so many summaries in my life! see you in the morning!