Monday, August 10, 2009

I will miss you...

Spiced Orange Harvest
Strawberry Sweetie
Watermelon Patch
Grapefruit Blossom

I'm just a little sad over the Scentsy discontinued list. Some scents I didn't care for, but some I'm wondering how I will learn to live without. Josh told me to order several Watermelon room sprays because it is favorite scent. When his car scent runs out, he just sprays it with the room spray.

Here are the other scents on the discontinued list. I think they will bring some back in the spring, but I really don't know which ones.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Exotic Vanilla
Falling Leaves
Fresh Cut Cantaloupe
Grapefruit Pomegranate
Havana Cabana
Hearth & Home
Herb Garden
Irish Cream
Juicy Peach
Lemon Lavender
Lots of Lavender
Luxe Vanilla
Meadow Pear
Mediterranean Spa
Mulberry Bush
Nutmeg & Orange Zest
Pomegranate Orange
Red Delicious
Sandalwood & Cranberries
Sheer Saffron
Sweet Indulgence
Sweet Tea Magnolia
Tarocco Mint
Tea Blossom
Toasted Apple Butter
Tuscan Garden
Verbena Berry
Wasabi Ginger

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Tara said...

Very sad about the Fresh Cut Cantaloupe!! Maybe I should have a party again sometime. . .