Sunday, September 29, 2013

Corn Maze with the nephews

Last week, Barb mentioned going to the corn maze. Josh had to work, but I wanted to go.
Then, literally 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave, my sister called looking for a baby sitter. So I decided to take them with me.
This was like a dream come true, spending time with all of my nephews at once.
I took most of my pictures with my camera, but also took a few with my phone so I could text them to my mom and sister. Melanie also took some awesome pictures with her camera and was nice to share with me. So that is why the pictures might seem out of order.
Even though we were running late, we still beat everyone there. So I took Valex and Daxsen to look at the goats. They LOVED them! They were hilarious to watch. They would lean in close and if a goat smelt them or licked them, they would fall back in a fit of giggles. I wish I had thought to get a video.

Then Tyler showed up with his grandpa & grandma. While we were waiting for the rest of the group, we explored the corn pit and the slide. I was so nervous letting Daxsen go down by himself, but he is determined to hang with the big boys and there was no stopping him. At least he came down at a slower pace.

 They also have a couple big guns that shoot pumpkins. Valex wasn't so sure about them. Each time he could hear the gun pressuring up, he knew it was going to go off, and it would scare him a little.
Daxsen only played in the corn for a minute. I don't think he liked the feel of it. But Valex loved it. He watched some older boys fall into it. So after they left, he did the same thing.

 Then, when it was time to move on, he buried his hands and told me he was "stuck".
For the first 20 minutes, I kept asking them if they wanted to ride the cow train, but Valex kept saying no. But when he saw Tyler climb in, he decided it was ok. And while I was trying to find change, Daxsen climbed in by himself. After the corn maze, Valex and Daxsen rode the train again while Melanie and her family did a shooting game. So some of the pictures are mixed up. On the first time, Valex rode in the last car and Daxsen rode in the car in front of him. He looked a little scared the whole time (I think cause it bounced so much), so the second time, I made sure they were in the same car.

Then we headed into the corn maze. Preston is getting so big and acted like our leader. I can't believe how good he is reading! He's in first grade this year and doing really good. At one point, I heard him read "originally" and I was shocked because there was no adult assisting him. He really is an amazing reader!

 We found a lady bug and played with it for a few minutes.

After the maze, we let the boys play some more. I'm pretty sure its safe to say, the digger toy was Tyler's favorite part.

 Melanie and her family playing the nerf shooting game. She made sure to tell Preston to not shoot anyone in the face. So of course, Tyler's first shot was to his dad's face. Oh boys, they are such...boys.

The last thing we did was ride in the hay wagon to the pumpkin patch. I let each boy choose a pumpkin to take home. Just as we were getting on the wagon, Preston went to one of the other booths. So grandma & grandpa stayed behind with him.


Playing with our pumpkins before heading back.

This lady was nice enough to let Valex ride in front with her so he could see the tractor better.

It really was the perfect day. I love each of these boys so much. Spending the day with all of them was so much fun. As I was looking at my pictures last night, I thought, "today was perfect."