Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hogle Zoo 2013

Since we were in the city for The Electric Run, we decided to stay the night and then go to the zoo the next day. Josh had some stuff he needed to get done, so he went home the next morning, but I stayed with my sister and the boys to go to the zoo. My brothers were both there, along with my aunt Renee and aunt Janet. We had plenty of adults to keep track of two very excitable kids.
The first animals we saw were the elephants. Daxsen was totally enthralled with them. He's learned to use an arm as an elephant trunk "when you make their noise" and he kept doing it over and over again. He LOVED the elephants.
He was not so sure about the gorilla. Maybe because he was right next to the glass. He would not get very close.

 Valex loved everything.

 These boys are so imaginative. They played with this statue for several minutes. It ended with Daxsen sticking his finger in the mouth and then telling his mom that it "bit" him.

The polar bear wasn't near as active this year. Last year, he was a hoot. But this year, he was just chilling inside his box.

But the tiger was awesome this year! Last year, he was sleeping in a far corner and you couldn't see him well. This year, he was very active, and he even growled several times.

We checked on the polar bear one more time, but he was still sleeping. So we decided to ride the Carousel before leaving.

I was going to ride on the gorilla with Daxsen, but they told me I had to ride one separately. So I rode the one next to him while keeping a death grip on his shirt. He did fine, but it had me nervous.

After we finished, the boys wanted to go again. So this time, I bought the tickets, traded boys with Vanessa and we went again.

We had so much fun. I'm glad I was able to go with them.

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