Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Back in March, I left Facebook. After I got over the withdrawals, I found life to be a lot simpler.

Then we moved. I had a ton of stuff to get rid of and I decided to go back to Facebook and use the yard sale group. I made a nice chunk of cash and got rid of a ton of stuff.

Then I got back off Facebook.

Then I got back on to sell more stuff.

Then I got back off.

This past weekend, I needed to contact someone, but I didn't have their information. So I went back to Facebook to get ahold of them. As I was browsing around, I noticed my grandma had surgery. Over a week ago. I felt so bad that I didn't know!

The sad fact is, the world now revolves around Facebook.

Years ago, we didn't have email or cell phones. I put off getting texting for years because I didn't think it was a necessity.

But with the way technology keeps expanding, you either have to stay caught up or get left out.

So I've decided to officially reactivate my Facebook account, but keep it simple. I don't plan to post pictures there because I have my blog. I plan to keep my friends list short and sweet.

My last argument for avoiding Facebook was Josh thought I spent too much time there. But lately, he has a gun website and a trapping website that he is obsessed with. His argument is no longer valid. I've dropped the same hints he used to drop at me when I was on the computer a lot. I guess we are still trying to find a medium there.

Its weird, because I said depression was part of the reason I wanted off. But now, I feel so cut off from everyone that I'm still as troubled as I used to be.

There just is no winning. When you can't beat them, join them. They're all over on Facebook.


KT said...

I always enjoyed seeing your crafty ideas on Facebook!

Savannah said...

Don't worry, I'll keep posting those things here! I just haven't been crafty lately. But that always seems to change when winter hits.