Saturday, September 21, 2013

Electric Run

Back in March, Vanessa saw a link on Facebook for an Electric Run. I showed it to Josh and the three of us decided to sign up for it.
It felt forever away, but race day finally came. The race was at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.
Josh didn't care to dress up, but Vanessa and I made good use of a tube of 100 glow bracelets.
 The race took FOREVER to start. Apparently, "The Bachelor" was bringing a date and the race couldn't start without him. I was less them impressed. Find someone who can be on time!

We knew it would be big, but we had no idea. Just that morning, they announced they still had 500 tickets for sale. The race was set up for 6500!

Josh ran it in about 26 minutes. Vanessa and I stopped for pictures along the way, so it took us a little longer.

I've decided I don't mind running when there is a lot of distractions to help me forget I am running. We had fun and hope to do it again.

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Jessica said...

Love all your glow-in-the-dark accessories!