Monday, July 30, 2012

Josh's First 5K Run

Last Tuesday, I happened to say something about how Melanie was going to run the Altamont Longhorn Days 5K that Saturday. Josh decided he wanted to run it too. He runs off and on, so I wasn't too worried about him. I, on the other hand, decided to skip it since I never run. (My plantar facetious, in my right foot, is doing better, but not that much better. ) In the end, I told him I would do it if I could take Sage, but he didn't think they would let me. When we signed Josh up, they told me it would have been fine to bring my dog, so maybe next year.

 Josh and Dallon before the race.

All the runners lined up at the start of the race. I'm not sure where anyone is. 

Josh said right as he turned the last corner, Dallon ran past him and waved. Josh tried hard to catch back up, but ended up finishing 2 seconds behind Dallon. I was on the sidelines yelling at him to not let his younger brother beat him.

 Melanie waving to the boys at the finish line.

Natalie is the 3rd person back.

Josh finished 19th place at 26.30. I'm so proud of him.  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Club - "The Litigators" by John Grisham

Last month, when we discussed my grandma's book, we invited my mom and sister to join us since they had read the book too. Then at the end of the night, we invited them to join book club permanetly. Our book club had started to shrink, but I was not ready to see it end.
We invited my mom to choose the next book. She choose "The Litigators" by John Grisham. I was excited! About 10 years ago I was hooked on John Grisham. I was a part time janitor at the junior high and during my breaks, I would go to the library and read one of his books. About the time I left that job, I had read all of his books that had been printed, up to that point in time. After that, I didn't stay caught up on his newest books as they came out. Reading this book had me ready to dive back into all of his works.

My mom decided to serve us dinner. She made a potato bar and home made ice cream. We had a great time discussing the book. I'm glad we were able to get a few new people to join book club.

My sister picked the next book, which I read this weekend. Can't wait to discuss it with everyone. ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Tuck Swap

This month, our theme was 4th of July. Last month, I had promised myself I would do my tuck earlier so I wouldn't get stressed and start to hate it. So the night after June Swap, I decided I wanted to make a couple firecrackers. I started them the next weekend and then finished them the next weekend. I was right, it was a lot more fun that way. Another thing I decided was that from now on, I want to make 2 sets so I can keep one for myself. This month, that meant a little more work since I had decided to make a few small fireworks vs. one tuck. In the end, I made 10 firecrackers total. 
The firecrackers I made for Felicity.  

 The firecrackers I made for myself. 

Before heading to swap group, Jessica and I decided to stop at Marion's for dinner. I was thrilled to see my grandma's book behind their counter. I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

This month, I received Lewaina's tuck. I LOVE it. The cross stitch detail is really good and I love the ric rac around the edge. Maybe someday I will get that brave in my sewing. She also knew I don't like the coffee staining, so she didn't do that part. 

 The cute cake that Trina made. 

This month, Naomi was in charge of the giveaway. She put together a great tribute to America. She found a few cute things at the DI and then also decided that going to the movies was an American tradition, so she included 2 movie tickets and a variety of movie candies. I was so excited when my name was pulled out of the basket! 

Next month our theme is Prim and I already have an idea in mind. And because I won the give away, I am in charge of doing it next month. No ideas there yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.