Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Tuck Swap

This month, our theme was 4th of July. Last month, I had promised myself I would do my tuck earlier so I wouldn't get stressed and start to hate it. So the night after June Swap, I decided I wanted to make a couple firecrackers. I started them the next weekend and then finished them the next weekend. I was right, it was a lot more fun that way. Another thing I decided was that from now on, I want to make 2 sets so I can keep one for myself. This month, that meant a little more work since I had decided to make a few small fireworks vs. one tuck. In the end, I made 10 firecrackers total. 
The firecrackers I made for Felicity.  

 The firecrackers I made for myself. 

Before heading to swap group, Jessica and I decided to stop at Marion's for dinner. I was thrilled to see my grandma's book behind their counter. I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

This month, I received Lewaina's tuck. I LOVE it. The cross stitch detail is really good and I love the ric rac around the edge. Maybe someday I will get that brave in my sewing. She also knew I don't like the coffee staining, so she didn't do that part. 

 The cute cake that Trina made. 

This month, Naomi was in charge of the giveaway. She put together a great tribute to America. She found a few cute things at the DI and then also decided that going to the movies was an American tradition, so she included 2 movie tickets and a variety of movie candies. I was so excited when my name was pulled out of the basket! 

Next month our theme is Prim and I already have an idea in mind. And because I won the give away, I am in charge of doing it next month. No ideas there yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.

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Jessica said...

Stole your pic of the flag cake. Glad you took one. ;)