Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Close to My Heart November Pages

Janel doesn't do group in December because everyone is busy for Christmas. And sometimes she does a big craft day. So our pages for November were Christmas pages. I'm so glad she does these groups, because when I look in the catalog, I don't know if I like some pages, but then when she uses them, I love them!

 These pages were also designed my Janel. We did them at her big workshop last spring.

If you would like to order some Close to My Heart products, Janel has a website HERE.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bedroom Remodel

This summer I was able to redo our bedroom. It took me all summer, but I love how it turned out. 

This is the first time I've painted, its a lot of work. Especially if you are also dealing with bats at the same time. 

The next big project was new blinds. I was able to get new blinds in my bedroom, my bathroom, the living room and also for the sliding kitchen door. Hopefully next year I can get new blinds for the rest of the house.

I think my favorite addition was a new bed set. We've never had a matching bed set, so it was a big deal to me.  I found the middle pillow at The Quilted Bear.

Then I finished the room out by adding new decor. Here is over the dresser. Hopefully next year I can get a new dresser, then my bedroom will be complete. 
My side of the bed. 
Josh's side of the bed. When I was finished painting, Josh immediately hung his elk back up. It was another 2 days before we got the bed put back up. 
Close up of my dresser. This picture is to remind me of how I WANT my dresser to look. Behind me on the bed is all the stuff that actually usually clutters the dresser. :p
I got these two Valentine's kits from the Idea Closet. I thought they were the perfect addition to our bedroom. I've had them for months, but finally got them put together today. 

Above our closet. 
Some of my other favorite signs around the room. 

I am now in love with my room. I have new bathroom decor on my Christmas list so hopefully that will be redone soon. 

Christmas Kits

I actually just ordered some more Christmas and winter kits, but I wanted to post the ones I've made so far. 

Gingerbread Houses

On Saturday night we went to Kim's house to make gingerbread houses. We started the night off with Taco soup. It was so good!

Then we cleared the table off so we could get it dirty with home building supplies. We used gingerbread graham crackers and a huge variety of candy. It was the first time I've built a gingerbread house, I think it is a new tradition. 

(Left to right) Jessica's house, my house, Kim's house. 

Since I'm such a perfectionist, I built most of our house. But I had an almost melt down while building the roof, so I had Josh take over while I played with Lizzy. I also wore my PCOS sisterhood bracelet. ;)

The gable was the hardest part to do (well the entire roof was hard). We each ended up doing something different. I liked mine the least. 
The side. Josh insisted on shingling the roof. He loved that he could do it without actually climbing on the roof. I don't think he misses building houses as all. 
Kim & Brandon's house. 
They had a chimney with a Santa. 
And in the back a dog house and Brandon built an outhouse. Kim insisted on adding a wreath and Christmas lights. 

Jessica's house. I love how she actually had a opening so you could see inside. And adding a miniature Andrew and Jessica made it super cute. 
My north pole sign. I was surprised it didn't fall over on the drive home. 
My wreath. 
My dog house. 
My front yard. 
My finished project. It is now sitting on my kitchen shelf so the cats won't destroy it. 

Santa's Workshop

On Friday, Jessica and I went to Santa's workshop in Vernal. Well, we went to lots of places in Vernal. (Lunch at Quizno's!) Here is a few of my finds. I have a lot of other stuff, but I'll post them later as I get them set up. When we get our family pictures back I want to make a big wall of pictures, so some of my purchases are for that project. 

I just loved these snowman! I have a lot of snowman at my house, they are all I'll decorate with for Christmas.  That way I can leave them up until February or March. If I get a Santa as a gift, I regift him.

Maesar has a new Home Decor store. I bought some flowers for my Christmas tree (that will hopefully be up next weekend). Then I got these two snowman for Josh. 

I found this at the workshop. :)
I have looked at these towels for three years now at the workshop and at Roosevelt's Holly Fair. I decided it was time to break down and buy them. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sage's first night

It is COLD tonight. COLD. Josh said the high today was 16 degrees. Right now it is 3 degrees. BRRRR! Last year when it started to get this cold, we decided that we would bring Sage in at night. She was still very much in the puppy stage, so we bought her a kennel. About an hour before bed, Josh would bring her up and they would play tug of war. Then we would take her to her kennel. She did really good. There was only a few nights were she would whine, but a quick trip outside solved that. And there was never any accidents!

We did this last year from about a week before Christmas until about March. Today reminded me of February because it was so COLD! So we decided to bring Sage in for the night. She is doing wonderfully. She's not near as bouncy as last year. Also, last year she would inch her way across the floor so she could chew on stuff. Last year she ate a ribbon. Tonight she has sat by Josh pretty calmly. She is the only calm one.

At first when she came in Buddy freaked and nose dived into the window. He stayed there for about 10 minutes until I dug him out. I put him on top of the tower. He just starred at Sage, unmoving and unblinking. 
 Ally got in for a closer look. See how happy Josh and Sage are. :)
Then Josh thought Buddy needed to get closer. Buddy didn't like that.

Zipper has done better this year too. Last year, most night he would rush Sage and take a few swipes at her. He hasn't done that yet. But each time I walk by, he cries to let me know how unhappy he is. Pyro has remained pretty calm, so I didn't take a picture of her.