Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sage's first night

It is COLD tonight. COLD. Josh said the high today was 16 degrees. Right now it is 3 degrees. BRRRR! Last year when it started to get this cold, we decided that we would bring Sage in at night. She was still very much in the puppy stage, so we bought her a kennel. About an hour before bed, Josh would bring her up and they would play tug of war. Then we would take her to her kennel. She did really good. There was only a few nights were she would whine, but a quick trip outside solved that. And there was never any accidents!

We did this last year from about a week before Christmas until about March. Today reminded me of February because it was so COLD! So we decided to bring Sage in for the night. She is doing wonderfully. She's not near as bouncy as last year. Also, last year she would inch her way across the floor so she could chew on stuff. Last year she ate a ribbon. Tonight she has sat by Josh pretty calmly. She is the only calm one.

At first when she came in Buddy freaked and nose dived into the window. He stayed there for about 10 minutes until I dug him out. I put him on top of the tower. He just starred at Sage, unmoving and unblinking. 
 Ally got in for a closer look. See how happy Josh and Sage are. :)
Then Josh thought Buddy needed to get closer. Buddy didn't like that.

Zipper has done better this year too. Last year, most night he would rush Sage and take a few swipes at her. He hasn't done that yet. But each time I walk by, he cries to let me know how unhappy he is. Pyro has remained pretty calm, so I didn't take a picture of her.

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Jessica said...

Your cats have done better than my cat ever would though she doesn't even like other cats!